It allowed food after 30 years


When we are young, we do not accept the diet of eating full of sugar or fat, all of which are burned by our continuing activity, but when we are over ten years age, it is quite different.

We inspect 10 foods among a large group that we should stop eating at 30, because the body can not be treated as at an early age, depending on the Fit site and Nutrition.

Yogart with flavor:

A taste yogurt provides a lot of sugar, and young people need to make a collagen to keep their skin fresh. After 30 years, the need for this is not to be lived, and everything that does not exist; going to increase your weight.


When we are older, our bodies can not handle sugar packets and sugar pasta, because they do not. moving food at faster levels than before. Even experts say that too much sugar will reduce your child's age.

Soft drinks:

Alcohol contains a full of sugar, as well as including materials that cause cancer, so keep them off so large & nbsp; as possible.

Cold coffee:

There is a cold coffee, like a regular coffee, full caffeine, a alarm that keeps you awake until late at night. In addition caffeine will accelerate a & # 39; grow older and increase lines and roosters on your side and around your mouth.

Anas Soith:

Most people who had a " I'm drowned by sickies, but they do not understand the danger. There are 879 millions of salts in one spoon of water, which is much higher than the human needs of the human body, and this will cause blood pressure.


Milk is useful but very acidic, and our organizations can not deal with it after 30 years with the same efficacy at a younger age. Although sediment in milk products can not be completely avoided, we should reduce it.

Energy drinks:

If you drink lots of energy drinks, then you'll check the metabolism. So much sugar in drinks is too high to harass the body's needs.

Farm Fishing:

Most healthy fish, but their habitats are full of chemicals and bacteria. These toxins are hard for your body to go to; treated when you grow older.

Fruit juice:

One of the worst drinks you can eat at the age of an apple is one of the worst drinks, especially since they are piled, so all nutrients are caught before reaching the main store.

Canned Stew:

Salt is killed for our bodies, and a large amount of sodium is made up of up to 40 per cent. Eating food, cancer and non-contaminant pain in eating this food.

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