It became clear who the person kills four quarters from Novi Iskar and the difficulties he was causing his relatives! – BLISTER


Georgi Ranov is said to be the one who suspects her four-step murder in the city of Novi Iskar, who learns BLITS.

As the Blitz said, the 25-year-old killed his father, mother, brother, and grandmother. He is arrested. According to their first data, they were shot dead. There was a mother and grandmother and a 25 year old person who was ill.

First photographs and VIDEO from the House of Hire in Novi Iskar

The youth did not work. The grandfather is named Asen, mother Irena, and the grandmother of Slavka. Neighbors have sunk. The person did not kill a criminal, he did not get drugs, BLIT learned. No one can accept for the time just what he wants to kill his family hard. But the neighbors remember that he had run away from his house several times, and also mentioned himself killing himself.

The family was closed, not to contact anyone. George's brother, aged 14-15, also suffered from mental illness. There were regular problems between the two brothers.

The meat in Novi Iskar! The person who is killed will be killed; hitting the four heads of the heads and hiding their body under …

At present, DGSD's overall leadership is at the time of crime.

The exact inquiries and checks do not start on "Svetlina" Street 80.



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