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That's the time again. The Department of Health and Humanities has published a new organization of American Physical Activity Management for Americans. That sounds you hear the Americans who fight together.

Be honest: corporate activity management can be difficult. As behavioral scientists with experience in exercise purposes, we will be the first person to agree that it is not easy to do; keep active lifestyle actively. This is what we do, and we do not always focus on the goal. Life is more relaxed and often embraced on the best goals; there. Give us deep breath, eliminate these new guides and talk strategy.

The guidance suggests that every adult will be Do at least 150 minutes a week of intensive physical activity that increases heart rate. Elderly adults should add a balanced exercise. In addition to pregnant women or nurse, adults should build pressures by using all fèisean groups at least twice a week.

The guidance also suggests that children and adolescent children are active for 180 minutes per week. Clocks should be active throughout the day. Perhaps you're thinking, who's time for this exercise?

The good news is that the guidance now recognizes that there is no need for large blocks for exercise to get health benefits. For the first time, the guidance does not require physical activity to be done; happening in 10 minutes after each other or more. All actions are counted. So climb up and down the steps at work every day counting about your goal (as long as you increase heart lift).

The new guidance also emphasizes the "motion of a larger motion, a smaller sitting" message to encourage everyone to do some physical activity and spend a little less time. It's not a physical activity of everything or anything. Everyone will come to health benefits, and so if he does not, Looking great at the direction, that's right. Just try to do something that you did before. The development will count how successful you are doing; meet the guidance or not.

But how? And when?

If you think the guidance is unique, you are not alone – this is one of the most common complaints about the guidance we hear from the thousands of people we have investigated and consulted in exercise programs. People who feel confident are often about changing their way of life. One way of dealing with a great deal is to break it into smaller pieces.

Discuss marathon bikes. No new runner starts 26 miles; each must build up. They will break amazing objects to smaller pieces that will; increasing steadily over many months.

You can deal with the new corporate activity management in the same way. By monitoring progress, & # 39; Using more challenging objectives, and identifying a milestone performance, you can move closer to reach the hug.

Your first goal should be very easy – easy and easy. And you should be thinking, "Oh, come on! That's too easy!"

Say, for example, you can get around 30 minutes of exercise per week. Can you increase to 35 minutes per week for the next three weeks? Once you've taken 35 minutes for two or three weeks, it will put it up to 40 minutes. The idea here is that you slowly build, & # 39; Get used to each step before moving to the next step. Each step also contributes to your physical education and thus ensures that the next step will not Feeling much harder than the previous ones. From a long-term perspective, it's growing in an extra five minutes here and it's much easier to do. Get blocks of time from 30 to 60 minutes.

If you're at the moment of 150 minutes now, remember about 150 at present. Come with the aim of "Oh, go ahead" easy and then go out there. You can track your progress with accessible devices, smartphone or cell phone apps and a good old fashioned paper. But you keep track of your progress, it is important that you have a plan so you can check it out and then. Try to build the bar for yourself – just as smoothly.

The scientists identify corporate activity as the "best buy" in public health. And the guidance is based on evidence from thousands of surveys. With this evidence, an expert panel decides that exercise is increasing our domains, and & # 39; preventing the growth of annual stress and its & reducing the risk of almost all diseases: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many cancer. No other behavior can be as good for your health. By investing a little while in exercise now, you will get money later. Imagine how the plan 401 (k) for a long, healthy and happy life.

In fact, we do not always make decisions of our long-term self-interest. We get more information about rewards that are needed, and many health benefits from physical activity can be achieved. years to come. Some may be difficult to be aware of, such as heart disease prevention.

Fortunately, there are many benefits at the moment of exercise. One of the most effective is "good feeling" after that. Regular people are more important, more important and more powerful in the sense of physical activity. Surveys now show that regular physical activity can reduce consciousness and depression – with similar effects to non-abdominal medication or psychotherapy. We are all just away from feeling better than we are. doing right now.

Any emergency word: Be careful not to press too fast too quickly. It can be hard to work hard. Most people do not have repurchasements that are </ p> <p> feeling unpleasant. Find something that you are enjoying and keep it fun if you want that behavior to change. When you hear all the news about the new corporate activity guidelines, please let them block you. Set the numbers out for now and just ask yourself, "How can I move a bit more and sit a little smaller than I'm doing now – and how can I to do fun? "

You got this.

Conroy is a professor of geoscience and human development at the State of Pennsylvania University. Pagoto is a professor of health sciences associated with the University of Connecticut. This report was first published on

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