It cures new life for a lung cancer patient


It cures new life for a lung cancer patient

In Mexico, almost 80% of lung cancer is shown to be too late; This method may help to save more life. Picture: Pixabay.


The combination of chemotherapy with immunotherapy, a new medicine in Mexico against lung cancer, Increasing life expectancy in a patient with this condition, Omar Macedo Pérez, a medical oncologist designated for the Tórax Clinic of the National Institute of Cancerology (INCan).

Terms of Use lung cancer Under this clinical protocol, "continuous benefit can be achieved, which means that the disease has been ruled for years."

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In an interview with Notimex, he stated that he has risen 50 per cent livelihoods in patients.

He warned that lung cancer represents a global health problem that was made not only by & # 39; smoking, but also by looking at a wooden steam and other contamination. "Across the world, it is connected in 85 per cent to smokingHowever, in Mexico the different figures are 55 per cent related to smoking and a 45% respond to other reasons"

It was so difficult In Mexico, nearly 80 percent of lung cancer is proven in advanced stages, which means that the patient is not a candidate for surgery handling.

We need to provide a cure that regulates the disease, which is a? developing the symptoms and causing the patients to live longer, "he said.

At present, he said, we have three strategies to attack lung cancer: the traditional chemotherapy; vacancies, where they are used medication or other materials to identify and & # 39; fighting specific types of cancer cells that make less normal damage to cells, and the most recent ones in which cheimotherapy is combined with immunotherapy.

The cure changes according to a test used for the patient called spread, which includes a & # 39; Finding very special methods such as EGFR, ALK; When detected, white medicine will be applied – A type of cure, in which drugs or other substances are used to identify and combine specific types of cancer cells, and reduce the amount of damage to normal cells, that is, a cure that is blocking those months.

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If the patient does not have those motions, which come to one of the four, the next paramatist we will be; investigating his call TDL1; it helps us to see what treatment we are going to do; apply if we are going to give him immunotherapy or if we are going to do it, Going to a combination of chemotherapy with immunotherapy.

In order to understand this latter treatment, it is important to say that more than one month ago, James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo won the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018, to find cancer treatment to control the protection system.

His work was crucial to confirm his real potential Immunotherapy as a cancer cure, and a starting point for the development of new clinical trials in patients.

What they find is just how it defends itself from protective cells and is confirmed to have been detected, drug users have been damaged; design a name of immunotherapies, which attacks these cancer protection tools. The immune system will take action to attack the tumor cells. That's just what an immunotherapy is currently, "explained Macedo Pérez.

In Mexico, immunotherapy will be approved for lung cancer patients. In the INCan they are present 400 new cases of lungs per year, and compatible clinical protocols are applied to determine what type of medicine there is.

The dangers say that the specialist, as well as smoking, looks at timber pressures, environmental pollution and chronic lung diseases, so it is recommended that a four-week or more prolonged suspension with an eye expert who performs the lungs.

Also, if the patient has a continuous ban, it is Chicken pain, cough with bloody expectations, these are symptoms that can cause you to think that you have a disease and that a medication or anxiety is required.


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