It decided to bring up the country, and meet the expectations of the people – Nhan Dan


The National Assembly is continuing to & # 39; expresses the spirit of innovation, loyalty, creativity and activity for the benefit of the people and the country. Many of the questions of voters "hot" and those interested in the producers have to spend time analyze and analyze; making recommendations, suggestions and contributing significantly to the development of socio-economic development. The Nation The National Assembly should focus on reinforcing macroeconomic foundations, inflation control, & # 39; Strengthening the capacity and devolution of the center in the economy; Continue to develop a business investment environment, & # 39; ensure social security, and improving human life's spiritual life. Strengthening the management of natural resources, environmental protection, the prevention of natural disasters and responding to and responding to climate change. Accelerating administrative reform, legal reform, and & # 39; move devices, and flush …

At the sixth meeting, the National Assembly has chosen the Secretary General of the Nguyen Phu Trong Party Area Committee to hold the position of President of the Vietnam Socialist Republic, with high credit. This is an important political event of our country, which is expected, agreed and considered by the people, voters. QH has spent time to review and evaluate outcome outcomes and make a decision on the plan for socio-economic development, state budget; Overall consideration and evaluation of the implementation of the National Assembly's objectives on the five year plan of 2016-2020 in half time; Three year evaluation of the implementation of policies for minority and mountain areas, to work out solutions to overcome problems and obstacles, to make full use of resources and development opportunities for implementation. impact, sustainability goals and actions. In fulfilling its statutory obligations, the National Assembly has examined, debated, reviewed, nine laws and said on six other bills.

In particular, the National Assembly adopted a resolution to allow its & # 39; Full Partnership for Transpacific and Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and relevant documents to make Vietnam as seven countries to consolidate and consolidate. This demonstrates our country's strong commitment to innovation and broad, extensive. Partnership in the CPTPP will help our country to strengthen its inner strength and consolidate its position in the region and in the world, showing its foreign policy of independence, devolution , multi-enterprise, multiplication and consolidation. , strengthen national protection and security.

An important part of the National Assembly's study during this session was a conviction vote for 48 people elected or agreed by the National Assembly. The National Assembly's credit is based on the work process, the results of the results; Completing the tasks from the beginning of the term to a term of time for almost three years and through the meetings with the electors, The results of casting up the courage are confident. indicates that this is an activity that promotes significant progress in strengthening state control, an awareness of the responsibility of the titles. Everyone who votes votes will try harder, develop themselves in an administrative, administrative area.

National Assembly representatives have queried Government members with many hot issues around the country. At questioning time, change the procedure when most members of the Government, the department's directors, answering the National Assembly's questions. Although the number and number of questions are very large, varied and different, but through query responses, it shows that Government members, finger is deeply understood and a & u; Business, business, & nbsp; pay full definition, explain many of the issues that QH's representatives have said. Questioning and response questions are always a particular responsibility for voters and people in the country. The importance, impact and breach of national flag problems and the life of the people to solve questions and respond to continue to continue. inspect and formally form the form, method and content of the questions. More suited, avoid focus analysis, detail accurately the urgent questions; take immediate account of, promote economic development while avoiding the unintentional withdrawal of information. South Westerly

QH needs the Government, branches, levels, groups and areas to effectively plan the conclusions and laws that have just been agreed by the National Assembly; To regulate the management approach, guide guidance and further improve the effectiveness of the work. At the same time, to listen to the minds and aspirations of voters and people, to learn, learn and understand social life truth to Reflection and recommendation to the National Assembly and to active agencies.

With a spirit of high responsibility for the people, the sixth session of the 14th National Assembly successfully completed concrete and important results. The Party Party, the whole army and all the people and our co-stars are out of the world. Raising a spirit can help to & # 39; tackling turbulence, close-linking, affecting all the challenges and challenges, economic development, and establishing the country strongly, meet people 's expectations.

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