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Marjan Kodelja

8 February, 2019 at 6:03 m

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An old Facebook expert writes that he is unhappy with paying Garmin watch. Well, as the service or the clock would be poor, but as the applicant prompted the same declaration cartoon, Petrol Bills, which is not completely true or can be explained in a different way. They indicated that they made contact for Sberbank customers, with at least one three basic classes Schools recognize that Bills do not have to be paid for their & census, as all expenditure is rendered by bank account. It seems that it does not keep it completely. Despite her & # 39; connection, because the user is seeing a bank account status, the account must be stated as it is considered that the business policy is a there. In fact, they did not hang on a big bell before.

Unfortunately, I can not talk about Garmin Pay, not to have a long and broader (repeated) stop at Bills, because they are just because foreign banks are giving up , they are support him. My idea of ​​the service is clear and has not changed to this day. Everything is nice and right, there are many good or interesting things, but when I remember that the account needs to be restored regularly, I am interested. Because I want all my money in one account, but not scattered around the world like Gypsy, I will not use Urbane unless it's the only option to pay a home bus. But if I need to walk a bit apart from the urban area vacant, it's good for health, but what if Bills have a blank bill, and that there is no other way to pay with you? Not to be pleasing, believe it!

Garmin Pay is a "electronic source" at the time when Apple, Google and Samsung have their tools. Perhaps it's amazing to add it, we can not use these three users of Slovakia, because every bank who handles cards on their own page must do what it is required for "The barrel" is added to the support banks. This is one that is not so good, but it would not be better if it was just in one, because it's just a set of program code lines that are running; Supporting the operation of the device with the NFC interface. But not if the bank wants to be friendly to customers, the bank needs to make an agreement with all electronic software providers, which is a service for all the Slovakian banks who are not in any of the -oone. The purpose is to make it possible, you can not think about how easy the payment cards and debts would be free if the bank had to accept it; contract with each separate retail chain, and we should check where we can pay and wherever we do not. Close to zero.

We're going back to Garmin Pay. If so, or when you have a support card, your login in the Connect application on a clone phone is so easy and easy to use. cart to the leaflet and its related leather products. Then the clock is overshadowed by its charter data, and its access is protected by a four-digit PIN code. After you turn this watch on the screen, it shows a small copy of the chart, if there are more than one, you can choose the one that needs, and then the clock only to & # 39; deal with the wireless payment destination. In the same way, for example, NLB Bank clients are doing with them; an electronic shop or how we all do with non-personalized cards.

The ability to pay sports watch even can be more aware than by phone. If we can do this with ourselves, we can also get a barrel or money. But I'm afraid I have only one hour provider; I am the models of other makers and I have already been worried about what happens when it is also the case. making his payroll service and is not a wedding party where any card can be inserted so the bank should make a false contribution to the 's; finger. My question is the next thing. Why is Mastercard, Visa, Amex and any other department doing everything necessary to make the cards consistent with all electronic poles? I believe they have many reasons, and are definitely also helpful and I understand them as a technical expert. I do not understand and I'm not interested as a user, especially at this time, when everything is done; focus on simple and quick solutions. Do they always think we will change banks and machine makers as they do it; licensing or licensing of mobile payments?

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