"It has a great impact on me": Andrea Arístegui gives information about leaving TVN | TV and Exhibition


This Saturday was announced that the journalist Andrea Arístegui TVN leaves, has been on a state channel for over 15 years.

In particular, after retiring, he will move away from projects such as the political program National State and the news 24 Hours a Day.

The correspondent reached the signal when she had to perform her professional practitioner, because she had developed her historical life in that television area.

In a & # 39; dialogue with the & # 39; La Cuarta national newspaper, Arístegui recognizes that she is a pioneering decision; but it should have been selected "after a number of months that have been very difficult for the channel, it affected me a lot"

In effect, TVN has been on a sustainable economic crisis over the last few months. Between January and September this year, the call channel recorded more than $ 11 billion and, in addition, the executive director Jaime de Aguirre left the office to ensure that there is a need economic, political and spiritual support. "

One of the effects of his & her; This economic downturn is the laws of staff. About that, Arístegui said: "I know a lot of the jobs that voluntarily leave their work. It has hit me deeply and I need to leave the channel, b & # 39; It's something we agree and we did understand formally ".

Arístegui took the opportunity to call his political class, asking him "to be up to work and make a good decision. I hope with my heart that the project is kept alive, which is fundamental to better society and stronger democracy ".

Mega was a new television home. These figures have shown that the new journalist will find a new project called Mega Plus, the second cable signal of Mega Media, Try to achieve ABC1 men and women between 35 and 50 years.

Despite the information that is available; already Arístegui made a resolution "So far I have not confirmed, so I have nothing to say. (About) information about negotiations I'm very cautious, out of respect for the people and the companies involved, I prefer not to enter your information. "

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