It has not affected the Slovakian impact over Ukraine, the Czech team is confident


PRAGUE, November 18 ( – The Czech football team is under the direction of the new coach Jaroslav Šilhavý with more attractive games and better results.

Compliance compliance will be determined by the 1st Division of Nations Nations Summit, which starts at 20.45 in Prague against a Slovakian election.

Saucas need to win

The two teams are in a similar position because they are trying to be in a position; stay at the highest level of the innovative competition and they need to meet this goal. Although enough home suits, Tatier players need to influence.

"Every football player likes to play a lot, but I do not feel that this game should be put to great weight, but I feel that there is a lot of co – avidity from the team, which was apparent before the debate with Poland, when every game is important for the next time, " She told Captain Czech national team Bořek Dočkal.

The Police went across the Jewels

The 30-year-old mid-year playground recognizes that the Czech will be on Monday at home. This would give them the second place in the group, living in the League of Nations League B Division and second for their qualification for promoting the European Championship 2020.

"This situation does not change our approach to our approach, but the work can be included, and this may be one of the things that we respond if the appropriate output " Dockal followers, who spent their & # 39; rest of the season in the US MLS, where he joined Philadelphia Union.

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League of Nations: Slovakia – Ukraine

For both teams, the duel in Prague is important and will add winning achievement. Czech preparing for a fight with Slovakia 1-0 win in Poland and "Falcons" home A clear 4: 1 game was made against Ukraine in the League of Nations.

"The soccer players found the taste for their game, with support from the start of their game, but they also played a part in the way Ukrainians, who lost some of the players important and the locals were not enough. A doc has been added.

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