"It hurts my heart, because it is away. And it was only 14 years old and older;


"It's really appealing," to watch the image of the Moukoko Mountains from the late end to swimmering with his companions, said Lieutenant Quebec Louie Normandin. "You see it going, and you will not see it back. … It's really upset … We see all nothing, in a revision, and we see all the mistakes made. "

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Quebec Ms. Norman Normandin's voice was very tight to express how he explained the security image of Beannachadh Claudevy Moukoko, aged 14, and a. stretching two lengths of the Marquette Père Center in Rosemont on the morning of 15 February.

The Normandin report, published today, describes the way in which it is Moukoko, who could not swim, disappeared from the end to the end of the deep and then sank to the bottom of the pool at a secondary swimmer. Thirty minutes eight minutes before anyone put on the deck he had lost. The boy died six days after damaging the brain from bad oxygen, the crew finished.

"It's very attractive" to watch the & # 39; Moukoko's keyboard that sets out the standard level to swim with his classmates, Normandin said. "You see it going, and you will not see it back … It's really upset … We see everything , in a revision, and we see all the mistakes that have been made. And it hurts my heart, as it is away. And it was only 14 years ago and # 39; age. "


In his report, Normandin finished Death of Moukoko of course, but to avoid. He praised schools to immediately divert their swim programs if they do not and so they can guarantee that these courses are led by training teachers and life guards. He also said courses on how to show a drowning, rather than swimming instructions management, the primary priority of any basic swimmer course schools should be a priority. offered.

On that morning, Moukoko was a participating, with 18 class partners, in his third swimmering at the town, as part of an essential athletic class at nearby Père Marquette.

Beannachadh Moukoko, 14, died after being drowned in the Montreal swimming pool in February 2018.


The course was taught by a new teacher, who was offered to teach a swimming class although he had finished swimming courses as part of his physical education degree. The bureaucracy was a fully certified duty, helping the substitute teacher to " teaching a course, so no one was specifically assigned for a career during the event.

Many of the students told the police later that they did not. Moukoko could swim, water was afraid, and he would surrender to the edge of the bath when he was in the room; the deep end. Still, at 9:02, he put forward two times. He was already experiencing trouble in his & # 39; Ultimately, stop two times to stand and get hold of it.

Normandin explained how a person – the keeper, not the athlete teacher, was his peers – aware that Moukoko had sunk to the bottom of the bath. The lesson ended with a free five-minute swimmer, with some swimmers who self-confidence in the & # 39; Ultimately, some diving from the board diving, others to dialogue on a deck. During this time, the teacher and guardian had been posted on his / her; the end. Nobody had been chairman of life, although some of the students did not; using the diverboard, the pin notes.

Before moving to the showers, the students went one to one to the teacher to provide self-evaluation of the lesson. When Moukoko did not appear, the teacher thought he had already gone to the change room. (Well, the teacher gave a score of four in five at least assessed)

By 9:40 a.m., students were recording for the next class had begun to & # 39; Collecting a deck in the deep end. So when they saw something in the water, they thought it was a mannequin. The life guardian was informed, she brought in and gave Moukoko, who was in a heart attack, to the deck.

It was transported to the hospital but the adverse effects of a bad brain suffered badly and again. He died on February 21, six days after the events at the bath.

Criminal taxes committed in connection with the Moukoko drowning, Borders and Directives (DirectPur) Directeur des poursuites said Tuesday afternoon.

DPCP spokesperson Jean Pascal Boucher, after careful investigation of police investigation, said "the procurator fiscal to report his case has informed the family of the deceased person who is not in the Crown in a situation that shows that crime has occurred. "

Moukoko's family representative, Jean-Pierre Ménard, told a lawyer's news conference on Wednesday morning. He would not say if the family plans to register a civil file.

The crown suggests that anyone who is in a position should have a good idea. Provide school swimming courses to complete 90 hours training in swimming instructions or a Level 2 teacher qualification. A swimmer course should be run by a teacher, with a certified career of duty that has the same job as swimming pools, he said.

The throne praises Swim to Survive Plus, for secondary students, run by the Quebec Liberty Society to be formally integrated in high school swimming classes, and that there is an end to a & # 39; course is essential for any other swim teaching.

The youth education minister, Isabelle Charest, said that the government did not stop school swimmers instantly, although she said that the government would continue to report its mission.

"We are still looking at the suggestions and we will consider this case," she said. "It's a very sad event. I feel very sad and I feel the family."

Students take momentum with staves at an event for the Moukoko Beannachadh at the Père-Marquette school in Rosemont.

Students take a moment with staves at an event for Blessing Moukoko in Pére-Marquette in Rosemont.

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Montreal's capital, Valérie Plante, named its capital; drowning an unpleasant drain. She asked her to a scholarship school in Montreal (CSDM) Commission to note the report and take steps to ensure it does not happen again.

"It's just breaking my heart. It's hard for me to think about this teacher who was there when it happened. It's just awful," she said. "So, let's make sure the children know how to behave them in water and let's ensure that school boards have enough resources to make sure everyone is safe."

"Our responsibility is to endeavor to reinforce our practices so as to avoid something like this again," said CSDM president Catherine Harel Bourdon.

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