It includes six hardware trading cards to build a cleaning machine


Predaking? Beag. Excellence? Bah. Before Autobots and Decepticons started turning teams of five to one large artificial machine, the Constructicons, six construction vehicle robots that were with the Devastator were powerful. The original gestalt is a "strong warrior" in the town Transformers Trading Card GameIncrease the enhancement of the Combiners.

Increasing the increase of the Comparators, and the distribution of sources in March, is & # 39; introducing community teams to their calendar Transformers Trading Card GameNext The players of all team members must be collected and then use a "Enigma" card to be combined in one robotic device.

Instead of both sides of showing the robot and article modes, both of them have one side of their chart, with the other side with part of the form together.

Most of the team's toys have Transformers translation – four games and a main torso, with all inter-commercials. A devastator is a type of different building. He has six parts that respond together in a specific way, and does not move around them.

With six-part rockets – Bonecrusher, Hook, Longhaul, Mixmaster, Scavenger and Scrapper – the disaster is a bit harder to include the congestion with just five parts.

The last product is a large metal product with the health of six different tools together, and also a special tower-built machine. including the team's subject topic.

In a vehicle format, all robots (as shown in the display below) have a unique capacity that contributes to the construction of a tower. At the height of the tower, the greatest benefits will benefit from robots.

It's amazing how the game's designers have included themes from the show, comics and toys into the game. Not only are the Constructicons one of the hardest Decepticons in the history of Transformers, and also express their interest in building. They create, they will & # 39; destroyed.

Devastator, in all purple and green globes, will reach the Combiners' high quality image for Transformers Trading Card Game on March 29.

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