It is a devolution in Vietnam's team for his & her; win crops


In fact, in terms of their game (about the game, without controlling the level of a ball on both sides), the Vietnam team was a game; better than Myanmar hospitality. Despite being & # 39; playing on the field, the coach team of Park Hang Seo still challenged the challenge in the way we want.

When the opponent wants to believe quickly, he wants to demolish Vietnam's team, in particular, First level, the Park Hang team coach This is a very poor stone, the enemy put on the team, bigger than our bad problems. and that there were scarce campaigns, which included a & # 39; Phan Van Duc's first half.

But when the opponents just want to drop down at the end of the # 39; game, as they were down, there was a Park Hang team coach. This is a quick and unhappy play, and how Maynmar was also deleted, after the situation. Van Toan Point.

Myanmar does not benefit but Vietnam's team still has a success. keep devolution in & # 39; first place in the table

Myanmar does not benefit but Vietnam's team still has a success. keep devolution in & # 39; first place in the table

In terms of the uncertain target, many other fragile situations, such as the Cong Phuong ball and Doan Van Hau in the 16m50 area of ​​Myanmar, but the Vietnamese team team for a penalty, did not fall, but did not ask and sometimes the referee's attention.

But not a successful football in football, even even a # 39; the prize. And in the long journey through many games, not because of a game that is not satisfied, even though it is not satisfied with the referee, we still have to continue.

It is important that the Vietnamese team still continues to " self-determination, the right to self-determination tickets for the decision-making of decisions and their devolution to & # 39; board.

The game against Myanmar can greatly regret, so the game shows that we are worthy of winning. The draw by Myanmar also caused many to do many ideas to begin with the word "if" as stated at the beginning of the article. However, this was the draw that made to Myanmar and Malaysia to be one-to-one draw.

Once the national team is missing, when no team has won the Park Hang Seo coach team, even though their home benefit and the referee benefit, Myanmar and Malaysia are still. They need to be abolished early in the company, but we need to be & # 39; Achieving a lot more straightforward goals: Win Cambodia in the final.

This is one of the most simplistic tasks in Cambodia in the home area, among the actions we need to achieve in this year's competition (indeed, if we do not get the team from the country). Teampall in the coming days, you may not have to talk again)!

Trong Vu

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