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President Kuomintang, Chairman of Wu Dunyi, has recently called for a storm. Kuomintang Kaohsiung, South Korea's South Korean candidate, was directly pronounced for a false statement at the General Assembly, and the Blue Six elections were almost unsuccessful. Some of the reporters pointed out that this situation expects an unusual earthquake and the greatest corporate reconciliation from the party's founder after the election of the Kuomintang.

For the uncertain disaster of Wu Dunyi, the President of South Korea said that the talk of the Chairman of Wu was unsuitable, and he emphasized the fact that, keep out of doing no personal attacks, and shouting to bother; prefer to lose the loss. Hou Youyi, Chief of Taipei's Taipei Taipei, also believes that even though Wu is excused, he has hindered the team's long-term efforts and his / her; destroy the election steps. The election is not a ban and a ban. "We hope to move forward with powerful power." Ding Shouzhong, Taipei's master, believes that words are missing; in a failure to speak, and should make an excuse for a & # 39; failed. But I hope everyone will focus their election to fight for the economy and vote on the trust of the DPP.

However, according to the views of the Chinese Review Association, if the DPP is fulfilled in this election, if the president's president and the managing header are in attendance, doubled a double word according to the Mayoral Kuomintang election election 2014, a tsunami will have a party. The Kuomintang will reorganize whatever it wins or wins. The Wu Dunyi speech will expand the area of ​​post-election party reform. "Kuomintang may be more led by a force to expect to appear after the election."

In addition, after choosing Kuomintang, there will be a huge earthquake not only because Wu Dunyi lost his word, but also due to the success of the Fengshan area on October 26 in Korea Right. Han founded the tens of tens of thousands to 100,000 people in Fengshan, Qishan and Okayama, and established that South Korea was more than Kuomintang and the Blue Army. South Korea Yu and Hou Youyi, Taichung, principal advocate Lu Xiuyan, the three strong alliances that came out of the election, moved over the Central Committee, asked the parties to come Sky Sky King to help the election. This is the first time the Kuomintang has played local elections.

Regarding the current weakness of Kuomintang Central Committee, there are two main reasons, including the composition of the party melted and frozen with the DPP. There is no resource for it; party to take account of the applicants' property assets. Secondly, Kuomintang's hydro-electric does not have to add points to the election. The statement said that the DPP movement on Kuomintang party had thought Kuomintang expected to make a transformation. Then the political area on the Korean wave has been removed. Kuomintang is a very important element of Kuomintang. "After the election of KMT, the old person is likely to do so. If the Kuomintang does not return to the platform of the establishment of the Advanced Democratic Party, it will not be possible to die and make a hard physical shape.

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