It is also expected that Kangler will have an additional effect over the Maribor prosecution and police's office


22. nov. 2018 10:03

| Updated: 10:06 / 22/11/2018

It is also expected that Kangler will have an additional effect over the Maribor prosecution and police's office

Her first Maribor Franz Kangler, who is still in attendance; struggling to re-establish itself in a town hall, well-documented in one legal case. From the Murska Sobota court decision, published by Kangler on social networks, it is clear that the main evidence was given from its impartiality to its judges as a result of the doubt about impartiality; judge judge.

The judge, Natalia Goldinsky, Husar confirmed that Kangler says that she has been repeating from the outset all the issues he found herself, that Maribor should not be investigating a & # 39; judge, Janez Zirovnik, should have decided and ordered contravention procedures.

By deleting the main evidence as well as its # 39; This process, where Kangler's former military administration officer, Milica Simonič Steiner, and president of the office of Vili Eisenhut, former Kangler chief executive of the town, remained in residence. ; crime record, one end of the procedure without certification.

In Kolektor case, Kangler's procurator's office says that the town, when he built a collector, would have to pay the Togkt VGR company unreasonably of € 637,000, and so a & # 39; get many of the unlawful benefits and surplus to help him with this offense. According to its charter, it should be & # 39; This cost should be paid by the Constructor itself. The three allegations are denied.

The judge took the decision after a cancellation hearing in September, heard by Judge Žirovnik, because Kangler was sure he should be sent out of the conclusions about it, as they were still at the time when Žirovnik was working on the Surname- A security group (Owl), which Kangler is being a Member, often in conflict.

His counterparts, Rudolf Moga and Jože Jerovšek, also said, said there were hard disputes and conflict between Kangler and Žirovnik.

Judge Goldinsky Husar said there was a legitimate doubt about his impartiality in his & her; gave orders to Kangler 's audited scrutiny measures, saying that "the defense defense case was confirms, in fact between Kangler and Zirovnik that these campaigns existed they have become a personal conflict".

So Kangler lawyer was given another one of the legal chairs that had been launched recently with offenders. According to Večer, 21 pre-trial procedures were opened, but they were arrested legally by the 16th. In addition, four more were lost this year, which is in Toplarna, employing Astrid Bah, collector and Farmadent last week.

In the case of Farmadent, Judge Alenka Topalovič found that the claim made a request for late investigation, more than two years after Kangler's hearing. For the time, the Pippet Theater case case still exists, where Kangler's special state procurator's office is persecuted.

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