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It is expected that a mobile pay transfer fee will be reduced by 2020

Wu Jiayu

Reporter / Wu Jiayu

Yang Jinlong, Central Bank President, Gu Lixiong, Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Committee, and Su Jianrong, Finance Minister, attended the "Annual Financial Information System 2006 Annual Conference and Results Exhibition Conference" on the 19th Yang Jinrong said that many people used the internet and mobile phone for a & # 39; Move money already and move mobile. It is not as frequent as The use of physical ATM is so high, and the cost is very low. So, it is analyzed to & # 39; tax reduction plan for action transfer. If successful, it will be completed by the end of the year.

According to a Science and Technology News report on the 19th, Yang Jinrong said that it has been used by banking machines and on-line devices, and non-bank payment providers have joined the & # 39; payment market, & # 39; connecting new technologies and new methods of operation so that people are fairer and cheaper. The cost of services is essential to change the face of financial services and increasing the level of inclusive financial. So, in co-operation with the establishment of a safe and effective financial payroll infrastructure, it has been the development guide of the international fast pay system in recent years, and is also a means of to deepen inclusive finance.

The FSC also analyzes its & # 39; a question that at # 39; small transfer rate. So, whether it's an ATM, there is internet and mobile pay transfer fees, etc., and # 39; considering changes. According to the ETtoday report of the 19th century, Caijin describes the way to mined the pace. The lowest level in motion, is lower than a tax charge. It will allow the public to make sure that the sum has decreased, but the conditions will not be completely free. The main reason is that people who pay tax institutions are financial institutions by moving money by doing them; sort the order. The Finance Company said it would be expected to be implemented in the following year (2020) after its & # 39; final decision.

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