It is anticipated that the subway of the Tain Railway will be completed in 2022. The railway station will be rebuilt to the underground station – normal media


It is expected that the suburbs of the Tain Railway will be completed by the end of 2022. This is a symbol of the new model of the Tain Railway Station.

(Cai Zongxian / Tainan media reporter report statement) Tain Railway Underground Project, approximately 0.17km south of Zhonghua Luqiao at the southern end of Yongkang Station, approximately 1.91km south of the southern production road, with a total length of 8.23 km. It is planned to complete by the end of 2022. In accordance with the future underground railway, the Tain Railway Station will be redesigned and converted to the underground station.

In the station station section, as well as the Tain Railway Station, it was converted to an underground station, and Linsen and South Tainan underground travel stations were added. After the Tain Railway was underground, nine-way railways, eight underground roads, two railway bridges and screws and three land bridges have been eliminated, reducing traffic and misleading problems resilience.

The township of the town said that the historic site of the old Tain Railway station can not be forgotten and abandoned because of the underground railway. Instead, the original station will be combined with the underground station. After the opening of the traffic, the west side of the Beimen Road will be used. Afterwards, take the original station to the underground station to take a tour, and on the front of the road, the new route and exit of the station.

The architect Zhang Malong, who is over the designer, says that there is plenty of sunshine in the south, the shadow of the trees is the place for people to go. and a phoenix tree is used as an image to create a new Tainan station that is carefully built by the historic station. This solar flat center is connected to the ground floor and below the ground. The hall, which follows the elements of the first month of the scaffold, is & # 39; Following the historic memory of Tainan station, and # 39; allowing the new and old stations to enter, as well as providing the public to stop activity.

Mayor Li Mengyu published the station's model today. He said that the new Tainan Railway Station would be with the original station with the underground station, and preserving the operations of the old station and the entrance and the entrance. At this time, the Railway Bureau is re-renovating the old station and will restore the original appearance of the station's monument. In addition, the new station also plans a multi-functional location. As well as the station's entrance and departure, there is also an opportunity to be a place for collections and exhibitions. Phoenix timber is placed around the station to create a high quality environment for urban green belts.

Li Mengyu said the number of passenger transport at the Tain Road Station is the fourth place in the country, and is an important center for transport. The proposed subway subway project has also been launched. The Rende District has built and build a large land, and the northern and eastern sections. It is also expected that the station will be designed to a degree. Because Tain Station is a monument, it is being scrutinized by the Museum of Historic Monuments of the Museum of Historic History. It is anticipated that the station will be completed as recorded, and that the inconvenient problem caused during the construction period will also include; Invite the public to sink over the problems.

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