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The idea was once once, but it might have been critical times just to & # 39; call for emergency measures.

If people are capable of spinning millions of tonnes of sulfate spices into the air, we can create a type of chemical ring that produces heat from the sun and its; removing global warming.

This type may be dangerous, but how a catastrophic climate change can increase its & # 39; Keeping on the planet, Harvard researchers have a & # 39; start to & # 39; idea of ​​larger geology.

"The researchers at one of the highest universities in the world can cost the use of a radical scheme that shows how urgently the problem is changing weather", said Peter Cox, an expert in the technology system of Exeter University The DefenderSouth Westerly

The most detailed analysis of such a scheme to date has now emerged, although the aerosol injection is very unsure and ambitious, it is "technically" technologically from an engineering perspective.

It would also be "very cheap" for funding. Using a fleet of planes designed specifically to spin microphosphate into the low stratosphere, Harvard's research is a suggest that we could be able to unlock the planet at a very good price within the reach of several countries.

If the program was launched in 2018, the authors predict that he will pay around $ 3.5 billion, with an additional $ 2.25 billion per year for program maintenance. In order to express it, the world is currently spending around $ 500 billion a year on green technologies – a much larger investment.

"Many countries would have the expertise and money to launch such a program," the researchers are coming to an end.

"Military budgets of around 50 countries are more than $ 3 billion, with 30 more than $ 6 billion."

To achieve this radical plan, one of the biggest costs would be to create a new fleet of sulfuric, jet rods.

The plane is the only reasonable and cheap option to split the spices. Only an airplane that travels 20 kilometers long while it's also a & # 39; carrying great payload of ancillary? There's nothing like that right now. And it's necessary, if we want the sulfate fragments to be kept in the air for more than a year.

As a result, researchers designed new new aircraft which could, for this reason, have a large body and unsuitable large wings, as well as two additional engines.

Starting with a fleet of just eight jets – and at a & # 39; ultimately finishing with almost 100 airplane – an injection sulfate program would be able to achieve more than 60,000 aspirations annually within just 15 years.

But although this technology can help to damage some of the climate change signals, it will not be a problem; total question, leaving harbor acidification and other outcomes; rise. What's larger, none of these can affect the misunderstandings and the dangers involved in doing so; using such a plan.

Although it is reported that solar engineering is often "fast, cheap, and incomplete", Harvard's study does not support the first application only. Today, the inability of this technology is still clear and potentially dangerous.

A dangerous industry in pumping sulfate is sufficient for the atmosphere to stimulate the pulmonary pressure image. This is one of those solutions that can not be stopped once.

If the program is complete for any reason, scientists believe that the level of global warming would come back with revenge, and # 39; rapidly raising global temperatures and leaving the society of human and ecosystems even less time to change.

As a solution to climate change, some scientists are compared to throwing a bear into the lion area: "You know, maybe they fight and kill each other. " They may just kill them. "

Some experts have even gone far to call sun geoengineering that is at risk of democracy. After all, what happens if one country is controlling global climate through the solar sunset? And what if they do so without the rest of the world's license?

In this regard, Harvard's study offers comfortable ideas. The findings suggest that a program of aerosol injection should have such a wide ranging activity that would be kept secret from the rest of the world near being able.

"The global SAI program of the scale and the nature that was discussed here could not be confidential in all," said Smith.

"Even the program we think is that introduces 4,000 aircraft at an unusual platform by making aviation on several aircraft devices in each This is a great deal of aerial activity that can not be seen, and once it has been found, it could be deleted. "

So far, one day, we decide to be the risk value; there.

This study was published Environmental Research LettersSouth Westerly

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