It is complete, there is fairness and logistics too


It's finished, they have the ability and logistics too - Mundijal 2022 will have participants.

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The Fida Feasbility Survey, commissioned by world class football players in the past months, has announced that there will be a place to extend the next World Cup in 2022 from 32 to 48 com. and Qatar adds a home to another country because, as it is said, there is a legal risk, "and the salary could be increased by up to 355 million euro.

Agency Related Media he was given a copy of a report written on 80 pages which says that there are political, logistical and legal foundations to extend the competition to 16 other partners, which would have changed a format for his format more than eight years after Qatar acquired the last competition with 32 choices. The report is due to be discussed briefly by the FIFA Council at a meeting in Miami on Friday, before the recommendation is made in June.

For now, everything is going to attack and expand the World Cup, and the study also says that the stadiums in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia are all present. and United Arab Emirates meet the terms and run a big competition. It is essential however, that Qatar agrees with the share of the house.

It might be difficult to go ahead because these countries were working with Katar in 2017, so that there is a ban on flight flights between some countries and Qatar. The study also says that FIFA is aware of the political problems in the region, which stop the implementation of the final competition, but hopes that all parties will be happy with the sharing of the cake. would be much higher than expected if the competition was extended.

Nothing would be welcome, such a decision would be taken very favorably to weaker elections such as Albia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and others, which could be easily flown from the World Cup, so far put on it. T For older people in the old qualifications system.

Photograph: Reuters

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