It is essential to control the growth in childhood to avoid eating disorder in the future


Investigate the growth in childhood and youth, as well as Adequate awareness and nutrition It is essential to prevent eating disorders such as obesity and anorexia, says the endocrinologist at the Hospital of Pediatrics Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Ana Laura López.

"The best thing is to include food that includes food from each body such as meat, currywash, currywash and high iron material to avoid problems such as anemia"He explained. And he warned him that nutrition is essential to ensure that physical development and hormonal activity are in youth and youth.

In fact, the specialist, said Increased rapid emphasis in childhood It can continue to tenancy in advance, due to the secretion of hormones.

"The brain is a victim of determination, which causes it to be sent out hormone to the gland pituitary gland so that the uterus and the room start to & # 39; grow, and this brings to & # 39; The first month of damage that should not happen by age 11, "he said.

Likewise, he said, anorexia is anemia, which is unfortunately that affects women every time at a younger age and even girls, that can be achieved amenorrhea, which is marked by not leaving menstruation as a result of low hormone results.

But he said Heavyweight and the Obesity they continue to be an important disease, even more than the low weight among the number of children.

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