It is essential to send a & # 39; A shotgun killed 4 people in Nha Trang


"The case must be prosecuted in time to deal with the behavior of the owner of the Hoang Phu project, to allow the family of the teacher," said the lawyer.

People in Vinh Hoa (Nha Trang) moved home, found after three days of breaking the loch, killed 4 people, dropped 10 houses. Some families move somewhere because of the crash.

On November 21st, Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh, Thanh Chau's Equality and Development Director, Ltd., was invested by Hoang Phu Nha Trang's platform project projector, recognizing the construction of the swimming pool on bank, causing hilllings and floods to lower residential areas underneath the mountain.

Ms. Thanh also found that the swim building belonging to a Hoang Phu senior residence area did not apply to the application work. Mr Trang Le Chau, former director of Thanh Chau Company, said the breakdown of the lake was 4 deaths, not a natural disaster.

The effects are really bad

Speaking to, Tran Ba ​​Hoc lawyer (Ho Chi Minh Town Home Bar Association) said Hoang Phu Nha Trang's stadium housing projects have not completed Procedures for building swimming pools permit. Therefore, this list of projects can not be agreed.

"Unincorporated project items that cause death, certainly, are subject to liabilityThis is not a natural disaster, but just human stimulation. Therefore, it is essential to investigate a criminal case in order to investigate a complaint, to clarify very important clarification, "said the lawyer.

Lawyer Huynh Cong Thu (Long Provincial Bar Association) said his sadness after the demolition and planning of the artificial lake on the entire Phong family, leaving a lot of pain for people and buildings. Post Office According to state state government authorities in the community, they have not allowed any of these jobs here and there is no permission to build a lake here.

"So the lake itself was causing the deaths to be true and the authorities did not allow the lake's permission to be built here." Indeed, there was an illegal activity with a resident resident. Resident at Hoang Phu's High, causing death and loss or damage to citizenship, "said the lawyer.

According to the lawyer, the event took place from 18/11 but until now, the legal enforcement agencies of the Khanh Hoa area have not moved to prosecution. In accordance with the provisions of Article 298 of the Criminal Code 2015, anyone who breaches the regulations to build in the field of inspection, design, construction and use of materials, materials, equipment, management and acceptance of other fatal jobs or habitats, be sentenced to one to five years imprisonment. If a death of 2 people punished with a prison up to 10 years, the death of 3 or more people can be punished with a 7-15 year jail.

"Investor Hoang Phu has made a humorous lake without permission, jobs do not ensure that technical, design, death is caused by the fact that four are working with signage in breach of Article 298 In my opinion , the case must be prosecuted in a timely manner to deal with the behavior of Hoang Phu's predecessor, to return fairly to the teacher's family, compensation money for property damage to the people and the orders The lawyer placed a pressure on him.

"There will be crime"

On November 21, senior lieutenant Phan Van Cuong, CEO, Khanh's spokeswoman said that the regional police were coordinated by the police and departments of Nha Trang to investigate make the scene, and # 39; case study. broken loch.

"We investigate the scene, exploring the purpose of the landslide, which left 4 dead and many houses fell, and if the elements were found enough, the Police to investigate the case. Once the results are available, the police founder will be there to complete the next steps. If they are (more important of a new stage project Hoang Phu – PV The wrong person is right, "said Cuong.

Previously, he spoke to on 20/11, Tran Van Tho, deputy director of the Khanh Hoa Building Department, said in the detailed 1/500 Hoang Phu Nha Trang (upgrade) plan Vinh Hoa Ward ). "The designation of this Building Department's project has not agreed to what the business is doing," said former director of the Khanh Hoa Building Department.

At the same time, the director of the Khanh Hoa Department, Le Van Dien, said in a detailed plan of 1/500 of Hoang Phu Nha Trang residential, private and development area Thanh Chau because there are bookmarks at museums.

"This campaign wants to build a swimming pool as agreed in the detailed plan of 5/500, they must request permission from the authorities." This is not a & # 39; The company has still agreed that the swimming pool is wrong, "he said.

Hoang Phu's residential project is high at 11.6 ha of total capital VND 200 billionSouth-West A start in 2011, after 3 hours of change to its project, is now in the completion stage.

The project was designed with 380 townhouses and large houses. Reservoirs confirmed that the project also included things such as pathways, knowledge gardens, educational parks, children's parks, supermarkets, seaways, fountains, sights and swimming poles. unfinished

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