It is expected that a hard drive for EUR 610 million will be delivered in Bulgaria in 2018. ::


It is anticipated that EUR 610 million in hardware will be introduced in Bulgaria in 2018

Picture: Reuters

It is expected that in the 2018 market, EUR 610 million will be exported to the Bulgarian market according to the CBN Pannoff, Stoyctheff & Co. Estimates.

According to the survey, a large proportion of computer computing and telecommunications network reaches its output; Domestic market for 2018 1.14% of GDP of future futures in the country.

Good results for 2018 are against a weak backdrop that are still important in the digitalization of social and business processes across the European Union average in each indicator, as well as major problems in public information systems.

Faulting the work of the information systems in a & # 39; traffic polls, customs, Sofia Airport, the failure of the Commercial Register shows weaknesses, projections and gaps in the development of digital processes in public systems.

Analysts search for a new case that can affect a large number of users.

Although it is not long for all companies, IT industry in Bulgaria has a good 2018 year ahead, saying the analysis.

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