It is expected that the government will stop the December strikes in education and health



21. modern. 2018 6:00 pm

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It is expected that the government will stop the December strikes in education and health

The government side today will add the consistent strike agreements in order to solve their amazing demands with the school craft union and two health unions today. Subsequently, there is a scheduled meeting to invite the 42 public public sector unions.

As it is understood from the invitation to the Rudi Medved Public Administration Minister with his / her; Minister of Public Administration, they will talk about a new agreement on salaries and other public sector salaries that would replace the place since 2016. The new agreement would, including solutions that government conciliators have agreed in the weeks spent by individual strike groups of trade unions and disturbing civil servants. That is why the union unions, and not just strikers, are invited to the meeting today.

The Slovenia Union of Education, Learning, Science and Culture (Sviz) and two health unions, the Health and Social Care Union of Slovenia and the Labor Union of Healthcare Workers Shlovakia begin on Monday's strike agreements.

With two strike groups, police officers and co-ordination of the strike committees of the 16 public-sector trade unions group led by Jakob Počivavsky, the agreement has not yet been reached. However, the second Tuesday published that they were in a position to sign the agreement. Whatever this happens to be true, it will be clearer today when it is expected to be separate from the government side after the meeting has been announced. With police officers, government referees will meet again on Thursday.

The solutions available to the table are worth around 306 million euro, and # 39; including general pay increase for one to three salary brackets, increase in some improvements and better evaluation of individual jobs. On the other hand, they kept the frost of work performance and moved advances from April to December. Given that some of the solutions are required to be expressed by changing the general agreement for the public sector, they must give a quorum, that is, support from a majority of the relevant units.

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