It is expected that the missing person will be murdered – Sydsvenskan


It is expected that a woman in Avesta was killed by a woman and may have escaped abroad with a small child, according to police. It is the basis of the bloom event in the general room; couple.

The police believe that a person who has been killed in Avesta has been murdered sometime during the weekend. Stock Photography.Photograph: Johan Nilsson / TT

Initially, the police believed that the man killed the woman, but so he started research at the end of the Sabbath because he did not; He could be heard that she and her child could be close, injured or alive.

"It started with a furniture break, then the information that appears to us to be suspected that the person is brought alive and has gone away with the child," said a person- talk to & # 39; police, Tommy Lindh to TT.

No corpse was found in connection with the investigation, but the National Center's Office has decided to keep the person from his presence, who is suspected of being killed. The man who, in his 45s, also believes that he has children; get women. There is a reason to think that he is left to Sweden by Öresund Bridge, according to the police.

The person is asked internationally, and other countries are participating in the investigation, according to the police.

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