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Fever, tired and tired, red breed throughout the bodies. The oils that appear to have a " The older ones become harder – but can be avoided in the future if a vaccine against the disease is offered free of charge for all children and adolescents.

– The benefits are sure to avoid the risk of the disease. Most o'clock in Sweden mostly affects oats and is disease. However, 300 to 400 cases per year must be hospitalized among young people, and then about half of them need to be hospitalized among older people, says Adam Roth, head of the Health & # 39; Public for immunization programs, to TT.

It follows:

– The mild issues, there is a lot where someone needs to stay at home with a sick child. There are several aspects of what can be prevented by effective vaccination.

Beusach and economic

Public Health Research has been in a position to; From the 2018 spring and this year, those who are responsible will put their decisions and their recommendations to the agenda of the Social Affairs Ministry. Then it is up to the government to stand on the case.

– There are three main criteria we look at. That is, the vaccine needs to effectively prevent the disease risk. Then he needs to be able to be social and ethical, Adam Roth said.

TT: Are the disadvantages largely socio-economic, or are there any medical risks with a crime vaccine?

– This is how the study looks, so I can not see it well. There is a huge demand for a vaccine that should be included in a national program, so the benefit must clearly reflect on the dangers.

"Effective vaccination"

In other countries, such surveys have come to an end in different conclusions. For example, in the United States all children are vaccinated since 1995 against the sponge's hole. The number of cases reported to the disease increased by 82 per cent between 2000 and 2010, according to a report by the Public Health Authority.

– It is an effective vaccine. If you are two-sized vaccine, you will be able to. removing a concert in society in society, saying Adam Roth.

It is expected that the Public Health Authority will recommend a vaccine for the summer.

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