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And it has always been a romance that has always been enjoyed by all Nintendo consoles and lovers of the saga Metroid, which have a strong foundation and have recently supported news from the launch of his new Nintendo Switch regiment, t for they wanted to ensure the fruit was produced.

However, one of the constables had never been delivered Nintendo 64However, despite the fact that it was not a highly successful success, however, there were very good matches after success. Super Metroid is left in an 64-bit chonsle.

Well, Yoshio Sakamoto, director of Super Metroid, announced in an old interview why the Nintendo 64 had no sequel:

I was thinking about the potential for making a Metroid game for Nintendo 64 but I felt I should not be the person to do the game. When I had control in my hands I couldn't think of how I would control Samus. So it was too early to make Metroid personally in 3D… Nintendo then went to another company and asked if they would make a Metroid game on the Nintendo 64 and they didn't have a response. . They dismissed him, saying unfortunately they did not have the confidence to create a game of Metroid that could be compared in a positive way to Super Metroid. That was what I got along with Super Metroid.

As you can see, a game could not be played mostly for control reasons as the director did not think how the Samus handler would be handled.

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