It is important not to hear ears of birth due to their health


It is a very common use to & # 39; puts ears up to date but it can be dangerous for the child.

It is believed to be better to excavate newborn ears shortly after birth so that they do not. remembering the caused pain, others are in fact; make that the child's sex is uncertain, others for a simple cultural issue.

However, an American American Pediatric Academy does not propose a hearing ear for babies from her; It is possible to cause a piece of metal in the ear that it is linked to clothing and causing wounds that cause blood in the soil.

Another risk is that some parents do so within a few hours after the child has been born, before executing it; green-tape vaccine, which must be applied two months after birth.

It is between 6 and 16 months of life when doctors propose children's ears.

It is also recommended that the earrings or earrings should be made of gold and that the material used should be at the time of a & # 39; hitting be completely injured as it could be & # 39; create illnesses and increase their & # 39; the potential of hepatitis can be dangerous.

Remember that our children are the most valuable thing we have as a mother or anything.

That is why it is important that we always communicate and update ourselves to get the best information.

In this way it will not be easier to make decisions about our health and wellbeing.

Despite this, the lack of knowledge and knowledge will be. creating a wave of ignorance that affects our children only.

Few information can be crucial and it is best to know about the questions related to our children.


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