It is just 200k, Your Manh Hung concluded that everyone who was interested in the event was angry.


It is just 200k, but what is Hung gives us is an indication of how the “goat” population continues to move around the streets in its steadings, but it only happens t 200k, but Mr Hung himself gave it. The important decision is all those interested in this case – pouring in.

And from now on, any heavy builder will be in silhouette although he has not yet appeared. But the truth is that we are surrounded by "Your Manh Hung 200k". According to the 2016 Labor, Inclusion and Social Affairs survey and ActionAid Organization in five sectors and cities in Vietnam, 51% of women claimed that the least harassment had occurred. T shape. One time.

"If someone is ashamed, then can you make fun?"

According to UNFPA, a survey at Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in 2014, they found that only 1.9%, of those assaulted sexually, had received support from the authorities.

The "hero" who was "kissed" with the "Heroes" is in the midst of that 1.9%, which means that the simulator is nearly 200k erupting and covers papers and social media more. Today, in fact, it's still a tiny little lure compared to the fact that women have sexually harassed.

Just 200k, Man Man Hung decided that everyone who was interested in the event was angry - Photo 1.

Images of girls "a kiss needed" in the building platform

In the workplace, in factories, in factories, in other public places and in families (men who have been forced to have their sexual wives when the wife is not to be classified as a form of violence). sex).

The reason is very strong from the concept of "bad foolish man", or "making flowers for people, making girls for people", which is rooted in the minds of many women and men, especially in the countryside.

In other concerns, it translates as a feeling of pride: "It must be beautiful, a sexual being teased, harassing." There are girls who are "without" the "sexual bomb" from pictures or being lively, assuming that it is a source of pride for others of the same sex.

Men are like husks. Many people are proud to have "been proposed" to have a goat's blood. They believed it was testament to their male superior power. The most common offense is a group (and women): Men who have no goat blood as a coracle cockerel. Women must not retire to retirement.

Just 200k, Your Manh Hung concluded that everyone who was interested in this event was angry - Photo 2.

Thinking in the thought that "Manh Hung 200k" mistakenly believes that a girl you need to be in public places is doing a color like this, but in her stomach, she dies ". the pedal, scratching, slicing the girl as a spice of femininity that is used skilfully to make the “high-priced” girl and inspire people to enjoy it.

In particular, they believe men have the privilege of attacking attacks in many different ways and levels. It is even a kind of (good) suggestion or thankfulness to the offender, especially when the victim is particularly reliant on the attack, for example a female worker with a supervisor, a contribution. the factory; Female students who are new to the world look for jobs with key players in their organization … t

And perhaps the place, Mr Manh Hung and "Strong Heroes" are to arrest the coffin for the male hero who wants to do, as well as chewing, your punishment like flies flying 200. the other thousand.

A small community of America

In January 2013, the photographer Sofia Valiente got out and came to stay at Miracle Village for five weeks, a remote community in the state of Florida (USA), where more than 100 people were convicted of sexual offenses. A project to stay together.

According to the report, Valiente said: "The end of this city was a one-year prison sentence to give student a nine-year sentence in school where he was a music teacher." released from prison, he has been involved in house arrest and has been able to live more than 300 meters away from schools or sports grounds.

Only 200k there, the Manh Hung concluded that everyone who was interested in the event was angry - Picture 3.

The village of Miracle is divided into the open fields surrounding it. Picture: BBC

Someone else spends a lot of time in a nearby bar looking for friendly friendship. He then met a girl in the bar, and agreed to go a day with him.

But when he talked about the decision, the girl went immediately to her work and she changed her phone number so that she could no longer get her.

The article states: As an inevitable consequence, renting a house has not been an agreement for sexual offenses. So in Florida alone, hundreds of sex offenders have been escaped from prison, escaped from homes or forced to live under bridges.

All states in the United States have a residential information site. So if someone is recorded as a prisoner of sex rape, they won't be able to find work.

Just 200k, Man Man Hung decided that everyone who was interested in the event was angry - Photo 4.

Chris Dawson, who lived in the village of Miracle, used to be imprisoned for killing his 14-year-old friend. Picture: BBC.

Miracle was once the plant's sugar production, almost entirely separate, from the nearest urban area. People who have been convicted of sex will not be accepted everywhere, so they gather to dispose of, and abandon, their feelings.

The price doesn't have to be paid to stop their sins stopping at prison, but life cannot be re-integrated into society.

Responding to journalists' questions, people in this area said: t “We don't expect them to be paid. We just want to get rid of them.

In Vietnam, just last year, the man called Nguyen Khac Thuy in Vung Tau was sentenced to three years in prison for attacking children by sex.

To tell Mr Thuy it is better to go to prison. Because of his factor's factor he turned to the community's aim of weaving. Just going out to buy the newspaper, every picture has been shown everywhere with a mockery. He cannot live a normal life, but when he was sitting in the four walls permanently with his society.

In the above cases, you can clearly see judgment outside court, sex offenders must always receive extra penalties from the community. And they are clearly frightened many times than official sentences.

The highest fine of 300k, why are just 200k right?

Returning to our warrior hero, the public opinion is not as heavy as the issues above because he has only been the victim of an adult. Humiliation has only been blighted when a VND 200,000 policeman was presented by Police District Of Than Xuan (Hanoi) for activities of "violent, inspiring, inspirational, offensive movements, religious honor, human beings".

Much of the former judge, lawyers, legal researchers, have made their complaints about this fine, and they must repeat the offense by resembling similar actions.

However, as stated at the beginning of the lesson, as the law is not normally updated in the life situation, there was no formal equivalent to Hung's behavior.

Despite that, there is no doubt that it number 200k. The fine for "inspiring, offensive, rough" is from 100k to 300k. So why isn't the District Of Than Xuan police charging the maximum of 300k? Even for financial value, it is as funny as that 200k bilingual figure, but its "frame" element also reflects the viewer's view.

Maybe, many people do not allow a girl to be harassed by a strange man in a place that is closed and nobody else (for help) matters. They also believed that it was only a minute of a male's hormone, but what could be done about that girl in that situation?

After all, it will be up to "Hero 200k" of the community fine

By continuing to speak and want a reformed law – learning the Florida community, we have the right to take community penalties to meet the legal shortcomings.

We can provide the correct and incorrect articles for analysis.

We can add a Mr Hung image to these articles on the elevation of the building so that the community in which each person is against is an activity from the work.

Just 200k, Your Manh Hung gave me the conclusion that everyone with an interest in this event was angry - Photo 5.

Warnings are placed inside the lift

After an administrative penalty of 200k for this person, on some social networking sites divided into a number of elevators portraying a Manh Hung symbol with prominent words, "Look out for pervert – 200k" to warn people to note.

The building was occupied by the resident – the place where the event happened – also visiting people to avoid. Moreover, people would also grow and stick with their own Hung-style illustrated handouts. "We refused to attend this plan as there was action to harass women in the highest part." at restaurants.

The words, especially in public places, will accompany the words. "People should be careful about this man as he would be working with women in the stage." T

And that's what we can do now, with someone who has been tinkering to buy the daughter of a daughter for just 200,000 VND.

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