"It is not important how many money he is doing"


Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung.

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung.

SOE can not work according to its market

At the Innovative Conference, enhancing the efficiency of the station's investment initiatives; taking place on the 21st of November, Nguyen Dinh Cung, director of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), reported that the management of state-owned property enterprises is more likely to fail under market equipment.

Interestingly, Cung said that SOEs are not self-dependent in business activities but are managed in a tight and binding way and can not work in the market. One of the most obvious signs that enterprises are not employing, are used, paid to officials and employees on market principle.

"If a 1-1.5 billion person pays a year, it does not matter what they are paying and what they need to pay until businesses work in accordance with market principles , "he said.

One of the questions Mr Cung describes other market principles is a bad disclosure of information.

"Over time, even the principles are very simple. The government wants to do it easily, at no cost, and to carry out special administrative developments, such as public information, but SOE is not yet doing, or doing quite slowly, "he said, and said that this was a physical awareness.

At the same time, SOE is the state-owned agent and very low target managers, although the owner can not accept lower profit depreciation. loan rate.

With this fact, he suggested that the Government and the Prime Minister to specify the functions and regulations of corpses and state corporations above that only those who make the best attempt to achieve that work that place. Assign tasks that can be done by anyone. Therefore, it will put pressure on property owners to invest in companies with a profit marginal of 20-30% greater than any business.

"We can not assume debt reimbursement rates below loan rates, which should be at least twice as high. This will emphasize investment options, targeting businesses that & # 39; make business efficiently, not to grow up, "he said.

Experts are named, standing in the list of the world's largest 500 world-wide enterprises with 2017 $ 24 billion, but the three largest Vietnam companies in Viettel, PVN, and EVN has a & # 39; sold about USD 11 billion. Therefore, the government needs to focus on business initiatives effectively, in a few years a few companies have been ranked in the top 500 worlds.

SOEs focus on key areas

In his open speech, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Chief Executive of the Steering Committee for the Revitalization of Enterprise and Development, emphasized the SOE: "Focusing only on key areas, He & including security, security, essential sectors that the private sector does not want to do, and do not want to do it and capitalize in state-owned enterprises. "

Regarding the general position, deputy prime ministers claim that there are still many shortcomings, problems and difficulties and challenges and challenges that may be addressed and dealt with shortly: From incompatibility in the equipment and policy on price rights use the land in evaluating the campaign to select the investor; from productivity to competitiveness in the union and CMCN 4.0 context; from loss, corruption for staff works …

According to Deputy Prime Minister, the highest level of attainment, which is directly linked to business leaders and other services and areas. Indeed, there is the same policy, tool, policies, but places that are well presented, there are places to delay, do not finish, take long, long. We need to be crucial to overcome old thinking, proved not to produce corruption, rubbish, group interests; This is also a key obstacle to the reorganization of SOEs.

PM PM noted, in the international and domestic context with unintentional changes, trade riots among large nations, the existence of immunity, the implementation of the commitments of the new FTA contracts and the impact CMCN 4.0 … has a significant impact on the production, competitiveness and sustainable development of the business community in general and SOEs in particular.

"We need to work out specific plans, actions and solutions for each minister, branch and area, each corporate, corporation and SOE that they have a proper sense of mind and appropriate solutions. And to be more acute, more effective," said Deputy Prime Minister .

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