It is not possible to add & # 39; Blames leaders in Viator & Vektor


LJUBLJANA – A court was marked in Viator & Vektor, a & # 39; including the former convener of Viator & Vektor Logistika Petra Pavchka and father, who chaired the Viator & Vektor Group Zdenka Pavčka, lost in relation to allegations of abuse regarding the situation and assistance in this crime.

At the end of the probationary proceedings at the Ljubljana District Court, the prosecutor again rebuked Petru Pavčku that he was committing serious crime or trust when he spent the co- closing to & # 39; Moving a Roman subsidiary to Izletnik Celje at the end of May 2011. Before the bankruptcy, Viator & Vektor Logistics made a huge strengthen on the truck fleet in Romania, leaving nearly 50 trucks to Viator & Vektor Ro. His parents are being challenged to go to; Supporting abuse in the situation.

In addition to Zdenka Pavčka, help with the crime of office misuse was circulated by an old director Viator & Vektor Logistics Bojan Novak and President of Excursion Celje's President of the Board Dark Shafaric. Procurator Šafarič praised a half-year imprisonment, and for Novak for half a year.

Among the defendants is a & # 39; Izletnik company, and the complainant suggested that his legal entity, Nomago, should be ordered to pay 100,000 euro in taxes.

The defendants were again refused sometimes they would commit the crime or give them any beneficial benefit to anyone at the pre-test hearing, and at the beginning of their trial; main hearing, as well as changing their case. The trial started for crimes that were raised in December last year with a pre-test hearing in Ljubljana.

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