It is not surprising to offer this Cyber ​​Monday


"There's nothing amazing about this Cyber ​​Monday"Today's current consumer expert, Gilberto Arvelo, is called Dr Shoper, having examined the offers that launched large online online salesmen, as every year, on Monday after Thanksgiving.

"I rose at 4:00 a.m. to find out what was offered for Cyber ​​Monday and in particular the items that have been sold over the last week", Pointed Arvelo.

For example, he stated that the Sony PlayStation 4 game console, which was sold at Madrugador Sales, held on Thursday and Friday last year in corporate stores, at similar prices to the internet .

"You will not see computer shift, as in previous years", Explain Dr. Shoper, who showed that offers of voice control speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Home Google, would receive from $ 24 and up.

He noted that, as many corporate and online sources have been unique from Sunday this week, today's present offerings are not new. That will pay for a & # 39; buy buy through the week, instead of focusing on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday only.

In addition, the reason why Cyber ​​Monday could have been & # 39; loss of efficiency due to the wider accessibility of the internet from cell phones and other handles.

"The Cyber ​​Monday is rising due to Black Friday's people to look at a special product X. If they did not find it in those currents, because there was no good internet connection In the houses and cell phones were used only for calls and text messaging, they came to the workplace and connecting them to the internet from their computers if they could not get it. # 39; they got Friday", Mixed Arvelo.

He said there are online shopping shows that are not available on the island or have free free stalls, this does not belong to Puerto Rico, so it has put on users to be attentive.

He also advised users to take into account the change policy and the results of the web pages where they buy them. "You must make sure to return your policy, if you are going to give credit to the chart, if you pay the expenses for what you are going to bring back to you and how they will bring them back to you, "he said.

Bloomberg's journalist said that US customers are expected to be able to. spend this $ 7,800 million in this Cyber ​​Monday, the number recorded.

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