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Post by: Dare Gliha

MBILLS has taken a significant step forward in implementing its vision – along with the & # 39; a leading provider of retail services in Slovenian – Pay a service efficiently with sales devices and so it will go to Objects Internet.

The phone is the best assistant in all situations – now also when it pays on tools

Today's users are familiar with clicking on the screen and its & # 39; Help the internet well, so the cash booklet is largely restricted. A mobile phone is a useful mobile device on the user's phone, as it is used that the phone is the best assistant in all situations – when it is Using new maps, it will be used instead of a map, in the morning, it will be used instead of a clock alarm, a quick and quick search information service, and in the evenings you can see on the phone as make a handsome dancing. With leaflets, customers can also pay by phone.

Today, in a variety of situations, we will pay in a very different way – online bank cards, online parking, in card shops, by bus and in a library with a home card, online with credit cards, and we could still list. "Fees do not want for a simple payment only. In MBILLS, this will be achieved so that we can pay all items efficiently (leaflets, accounts, online, abroad .. .), new ones at vending machines, "describing Jerica Urbančič, marketing manager at MBILLS.

Pay on the phone is suitable for each device type

The mobile phone payment that opens new opportunities for service providers and users is also reinforced by Matjaž Čadež, a payroll system expert in Slovenian and MBILLS established: "By & # 39; payment by mobile bee adds a new genre, Internet items to different devices. Whenever it's a coffee machine, snack machine, fuel dispenser, milk machine, food appliance, cure, parking or other equipment. "

Developing automated payments: from tocan through bank notes and medals to mobile phones

"The sales system for vendors and logistics arranging with adequate appropriate funds is difficult because they want the vendors to always worry that the device has a sufficient change . With the solution of the Bills, which allow us to pay by phone, we wanted to improve user knowledge and update their system to use the device with a modern payment system. Allows users to make additional choices in a purchasing method. In this way, we have expanded the use of the Bills and purchasing customers, users, as they always pay their phone, "said Dejan Muzlovič, the company's director, when leaflets were introduced with self-contained leaflets moving.

By being out there, the Automatic service, which is & # 39; offering everything from coffee, alcohol, cold drink, to various foodstuffs and supplies from the company itself AS, having examined the pay development of food appliances and met barriers and difficulties. "There is a long history of payroll sales. Originally, the single-way payment procedure appeared, and it was possible to pay with a bank of poverty notes. With the introduction of the euro, pounds Banking of local budgets. The development of payment systems to reverse the difference was an important factor for improvement, since the machine is not essentially required to pay bank notes due to the low value of the goods. To this end, the keys that corporate representatives of the first type of non-cash jobs have been developed, "notes Dejan Muzlovič, payment development, and" emphasizing the fact that the Bills solution is a major leap in an automated pay range.

It is a step in the right way in the mobile payment of the Bills, on the way to the future without money, and many satisfied customers also agree. Anže Višnar is very pleased with the practical and easy use of mobile blades of the Bills, as it helps many life situations. He was very pleased that he could now pay the vendor from the retailer now: "We want to work with our colleagues to turn to a machine and get coffee or others. We are able to purchase the purchase of the device with its mobile phone nowadays, and this has helped us to break even the faster. "

Claire Staresinic, who lived this summer in Slovakia and knew about a Solo business environment, was astonished, with the bullet sheets: "I loved the mobile arms sheets instantly, , and she was very fond of her to be easy to use. To pay for coffee and to taste the device with my mobile phone, it was just the same thing for me. This is one of the best solutions I know. "

A large number of tools are included throughout Slovenia

As they want to make the simplest payment in the mobile service as large as possible and to be closer to their customers, they decided to pay with their # 39 ; handbag. According to Muzlovič, this makes it easy and easy to use. buy to customers. To date, over 100 devices have been taken throughout Slovenia, and new ones are gradually being rolled out.

"A mobile guarantee is to pay bills on sales devices but one of the opportunities and opportunities, because in the future there are a number of strategies that increase the Moving in later mobile payments in the Slovak environment, "Primož Zupan, MBILLS leader, decided.

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