It is recommended that the & # 39; shadow of the trillion line beat 15 months imprisonment News


Luu Thi Hong's behavior assessment and occupation in & # 39; In case, a Program maker said they were Implementing the direction of Nguyen Van Duong (Chairman of CNC Corporation), Luu Thi Hong has signed Rikvip Games, rental campus names, registration for banner messaging services, and Register for a four month rate. But do not eat, benefit from your household income.

In addition, according to the guidance of Nguyen Van Duong, Luu Thi Hong delivered 600 million Tet for the police division of high tech crime led by Mr Vo Tuan Dung – Head of Unit 1, who received (in 2015 is 100 million, 2016 500 million).

During the investigation, Luu Thi Hong expressed the initiative and his / her inspection group prove that Luu Thi Hong's movement supports the VND 600 million Crime Change Police.

On behalf of the Phu Tho province People's Program, the investigation process, Luu Thi Hong confirmed that he had been in criminal behavior, offensive crimes, and first crime, gentlemen should be entitled to a situation of disruption.

The Public Proceedings of the People for Phu Tho asked the Debating Chamber that Luu Thi Hong would be guilty of a ' organize a gambling and punish the accused for 15 months imprisonment, at a temporary time at 30.8.2018.

For Nguyen Quoc Tuan, who was a former director of a CNC payroll, representatives of the Phu Tho province Public Solicitor, at the hearing, the defendant as a whole recognized his behaviors, led by Nguyen Van Duong, the person who defended him a pay gate for his / her Rikvip / Tip.Club post game; Financial control group who complained to her & # 39; intermediate payment, receiving more than 20 billion dollars.

The money, Nguyen Quoc Tuan, saves 15 billion, the rest of gambling and personal expenses. To date, Nguyen Quoc Tuan has paid over 15.6 billion and still has to pay more than 4.5 billion.

In addition, Nguyen Quoc Tuan also participates in a Rikvip / Tip.Club online gambling game. The investigation, after its arrest, Nguyen Quoc Tuan has been dedicated to working hard, working with research agencies; Extension of audit of payment interimers; to return part of the money from illegal profits voluntarily; their own crime for the first time; The accused person is a commendable service to the exile, so the accused person is deserving of the circumstances prescribed.

From then on, send a Program Owner to its & # 39; Trial Panel punished Nguyen Quoc Tuan for 9 to 12 months in jail to complain, 24 to 27 months for a crime to set up a gambling. time of imprisonment

In addition, defenders Nguyen Quoc Tuan must pay more than 4.5 billion collected from time to time.

For Pham Tuan Anh, who was the leader of the CNC Pay Center technical department, said the defendant acknowledged that the crime was seriously important to help build Nguyen Van Duong, an unauthorized pay Service operation paygate247 for the organization of gambling on- online on the Rikvip / Tip.Club card game format; take part in the attachment, control the turn of its & # 39; gambling group; more than 18 billion profits.

During the investigation, Pham Tuan Anh confirmed himself to submit himself to the inspection body, saying his loyalty to his criminal activities and achievements; At the same time, the volunteer should be with the family to submit all the assets created from illegal profit sources to a & # 39; get full position as ordered.

Since then, ask the Query to the # 39; Trial Panel punish Pham Tuan Anh for a gambling session with a sentence of 24 to 27 months in prison.

In addition, it is suggested that the Trial Panel will bring Pham Tuan Anh's illegal assault of more than 18 billion dong, the defendant paid more than 12.6 billion dollars voluntarily , and the incredible amount was over 5.5 million dong. billion dong.

For Doan Thi Thu Ha, who was a CNC accountant, a Testing appraisal, when Nguyen Van Duong was complainant, Doan Thi Thu Ha's accounting actions for CNC and daily receipts Finance from online gaming behavior by Rikvip / Tip.Club. Then put the money to Nguyen Van Duong unlucky.

In addition, Doan Thi Thu Ha Nguyen Van Duong also helped to build a quarter of capital for the UDIC Investment Company Stock Company, then send it to her; illegal profit from gambling and reimbursement to the UDIC Investment Associate Stock Company to add more than 329 billion dollars to the Bac Giang-Lang Son Expressway project, which helps Duong to go to. money cleansing

According to Program Converter, Doan Thi Thu has published anti-gambling and silver vowels to help reduce the penalty.

In the case of Nguyen Van Duong, he was told to the victim of the crime, and the defendant also had to consider the relationship with Nguyen Van Duong. led by Nguyen Van Duong.

Since then, Questioning Your Thi Thuy Ha suggested 24 to 27 months in prison on gambling costs, 18 to 22 months imprisonment for cash glacing, the total sentence of 42 to 49 months.

The defendant Nguyen Ngoc Thinh, a IT engineer, CNC Pay Center, was asked to prove a lawsuit to prove the complaint case, and imposed a fine of 15 to 18 months imprisonment. gambling center.

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