It is recommended to convert the versions once before sleeping


An children should screw their screens of their electronic devices hours before he dies to avoid sleep problems, obesity and mental health, according to their first UK expert to help parents to avoid the small people of mobile phones and video games consortium .

The Royal College of Pediatrics and Health Child (ECPCH) in the United Kingdom consulted with 109 children and young people aged between 11 and 24 years old to develop guidance, which aims to provide a summary of their existing research affect health of the time their children are spend watch the screen as well as producing a series of suggestions for parents.

Among them, the main one, who stands out, is that the screen will go once before they start at the bed.

In addition, they emphasize the need to negotiate whattime children spend their time; watch the screen according to the needs of each one, the way in which they are used and the extent to which they are used to implement physical, social and dream activity.

And, to check the time they appear to the screen they are a series of questions:

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