It is said that nests have had so many problems in the battles of Pokémon GO –


As we warned you a few hours ago, a battle between Pokémon trainers is now available in a Pokémon GO for all players. However, come with a series of problems Do not swallow you may not let their enjoyment anyway.

We've got out of a reddit thread about what we can do:

  • Coaches do not start to & # 39; battle at the same time. You can start to spoil before it starts.
  • Sometimes the game does not record our attacks or nothing will appear on the screen.
  • The problems of synchronization and weakness also cause our enemy to change without being open to us.
  • The frozen battles sometimes want the player to resume the application.
  • Movement types of wing are not co-fined: in theory you have 3 seconds, but they'll you hit the same.
  • You can use a motion that requires valuation while the other trainer will change Pokémon.
  • The weakness changes according to the device, which benefits them faster.

Niantic, the developer who is responsible for the iOS and Android game, has already emerged In this regard, we hope that a large part of these errors will be resolved in a renewable format in the hours.

Trainees, we have received reports about a pokemon that does not harm the battle time and we are working on being betrothed. At the same time, make sure your machine's time is set to automatically update, the problem should be solved. Thanks for your patience

It is likely that this problem would be inaccessible due to the fact that the request is & # 39; using our local destination time instead of the server.

Are you aware of bad knowledge in the game, nintenderos?


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