It is said that the place of Robin Olsen in Rome is under threat


Actions: Robin Olsen hanging out

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Robin Olsen then presented three goals in an international match against Norway.

The great newspaper of Rome Il Messaggero now states that Sweden's situation as the first guard in Rome is under threat.

"The big error is causing conversations", one is writing.

Robin Olsen was awarded for the first time at Roma this season, but when the club had changed to a coach called Claudio Ranieri quizzes were created.

Olsen has, however, maintained sustained confidence.

But it might change?

The magazine based in Rome and in the context of Il Messaggero now think that the Swedish flash form puts its circumstances in danger.

"Big Errors"

It is said that the second keeper of Antonio Mirante takes over quietly, and Olsen's newest attempt at at least the 3-3 game against Norway this Tuesday is said to be the greatest who should be concerned in the midst of the coaches.

“His big error is also causing debate in Rome. Even if the future is to break down (summer sales this summer, reds.anm), his team is already in danger. ”, Il Messaggero will write in accordance with the Football Channel.

"It'll cost now"

According to the newspaper, Ranieri is likely to get a snack with Olsen to discuss the situation.

“Ranieri almost speaks to Olsen and then comes to a decision. It's hard to believe it is "burning" with a sting against Naples. But from now on, it will cost. There are no exceptions ", write Il Messaggero.

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