It is shaped as a pancake with nuts but is hidden in fact about the birth of the solar system.


It is shaped as a pancake with nuts but is hidden in fact about the birth of the solar system.

Snowman, peanuts, or pancakes with gallnuts? In recent times, there is a strange asteroid for reasons.

2014MU69 is the name of its small wood body, which is less than 40 kilometers in diameter and is located in Belly Belly at the edge of the solar system. The public gave its ultimate name "Ultima Thule", translated as "end of the earth", which means "#; cross the recognized world.

On New Year's Day in Beijing on 2019, a New Horizons National (NASA) "End of the Earth" engineer was successful and sent a film on "Watching on". Although the data back is still going on, the starting data published on 9 February has been published; show that "End of Earth" is more uniform than expected, and looks more like a pancake tied to weak nuts.

Why is not the Earth's "End of Earth" common? How does its looks look like?

A scary little corpse creates a problem for scientists

The most popular and experienced organizations that are familiar with the public in the sparkling solar system. "Because it is so big that it can keep its own balance, it can make a compelling shape." Zou Xiaoduan, a post-tutor at the United States Planetary Sciences Institute, said in an interview with the Scientist and Daily Technology reporter that "small things have not been found so far." They are simple, they are roughly sparse, such as the Benu asteroid, which NASA is currently searching, and its & # 39; look at the asteroid dragon palace with JAXA. "Zou Xiaoduan said that most of the asteroids are in an irregular form, many of them. It is a structure of a two-dimensional link. A typical example is the Aero asteroid flew across the Chang II.

So why are asteroids largely irregular? This will start by & # 39; creating an asteroid "Naturally natural organisms are typically created by small hedgehogs and gradual gatherings, or with larger mothers. When so many materials are folded into one, they must also Think about corrosion that caused the behavior and distribution itself. Deformation, etc. "Zhou Liyong, professor of the Radisson College and Spatial Sciences at Nanjing University, told the person- Science Science and Daily Technology.

"Whether it is made up of small and large shapes or shapes made by large and small pieces, it's unlikely that things like the End of the Earth, which are tithe orders kilometers, which totally deteriorate the entire process through the creation process, except Attractively, there may be irregular shapes that are not significantly removed from balance. "Zhou Liyong explained.

The shape is irregular, and it is said that the two parts of "End of Earth" remain flat. "As the coherent inter-stellar body found in the previous two years, its assessment is within 8: 1. Because it is easy to understand, some people science is more willing to think it's a foreign plane. " Zhou Liyong is a Speaking Road.

The researcher Alex Parker of the United States Research Institute of the United States has a "End of the Earth" shape, but this rock is created in a special Saturn ring environment, and 2014MU69 is created in the deep place.

Why is the "End of the Universe" shaped form of been a difficult problem for scientists.

Zou Xiaoduan told the storytellers not because the "end of the earth" is the double body structure that is particularly difficult to understand. "According to the current ideas, in modern groups, the two bodies move around each other in a row, slowly and slowly , connect together, and even include small satellites or asteroid ringlets. It is possible. "

"In reality, there is a complex history in the form of each area group of creation and development. Experts who consider the creation and development of the stars are based on small-scale data, which is naturally a problem . " Zou Xiaoduan said.

The "time capsule" of the solar system is hidden

The Kuiper Belt, where "End of Earth", is in the range of 30 scientific units (AU, about 150 million kilometers) to 55 UA from the sun. It is located at the solar system edge and is called the third zone of the solar system.

There are billions of cold things that run around the sun, near a frozen world in this area. Generally believe that

The comedy is short with a circulation time of less than 200 years from the Kuiper zone, and "End of Earth" is about 298 years around the sun.

There are many dwarf plans in the Kuiper Belt, as well as Pluto, and Haumea and Birds. "There are over 100,000 angry groups with a diameter of over 100 kilometers," said Zou Xiaoduan.

Are the complete bodies similar to the "End of the Earth" in the Kuiper Belt, which is closely covered by stars?

In this regard, Zhou Liyong said we do not know about the shape of the complete bodies in the Kuiper belt. As the distance is too long, the size of the Kuiper belts that can be seen is very large now. A complete body with a diameter of hundreds of kilometers or more is often very close to the world under its own role.

Zou Xiaoduan believes that the 2014MU69 format is not known as universal, as this is the first asteroid Kuiper belt that is built at such a close level. "In the case of an example, no other non-reliable shapes are considered."

However, one thing may be clear. The old things like "End of Earth" resemble a "time capsule" frozen, which helps people look like the 4.6 billion billion system looks back.

"Sun was born in the middle of a cloud. After most of the damp damage dropped, only a small part of it was creating a protoplanetous disk that was sent around the middle star. dust and gas are collected in a plastic box. Small and small crackers are compiled together to create planets. "Zou Xiaoduan explained, after complex deepening , the planets in the planets have made migration, disaster, destruction or collection, some of which are scattered by distance from the sun. Far on the cold way. "Their interactions are not so intense, and are not very disturbed by the large planets, and the sun and the effects of the sun and the effects are relatively small, so the ice is not over the surface, and it's not enough to do geological activity. Quality. So scientists believe that they are closer to the early stages of solar system creation. "

Imagine from Kuiper's faster things

There are more than one billion in fossil level topics such as "End of Earth" in the solar system.

Zhou Liyong told reporters that most of the unmarried bills have been billion years ago; going slowly due to the divide of its military force. Other fuller groups may be fortunate to live today because they are in a very stable and safe situation.

"Indeed, it is believed that the subject of the Kuiper belt was long-lived after the creation of the solar system, in particular the same age as the solar system, and how We often believe that the age of each celestial group in Kuiper Belt is largely similar to the age of the solar system. " Zhou Liyong said Detailed understanding of the features of his Kuiper body can be heartening to; Includes the creation and advanced development of the solar system.

In recent years, on the edge of Kuiper Belt, scientists have found several foreign bodies with huge orbitic horns and large distances from their orbits. They are called "Kuiper Sterling Zones". There is no official official translation at this time, and Zhou Liyong says that he is "getting out of his Kuiper belt". "According to these orbital features of these contemporary groups, some scientists make out that the biggest planet ninth, and not planetary X, is around 10 times larger than land in the longest part of the solar system. "

Zhou Liyong said there are only about 2,000 Kobe boundaries surveyed so far, and they do not know much about the physical and chemical features of these items. Many unresolved issues remain.

Getting out cell bodies within Kuiper Belt is the next priority for the New Vision. The "New Seal" confirmation was launched on 19 January 2006. After flying near Pluton on July 14, 2015, it continued to travel deep into space. She has now traveled more than 4,700 days in space.

"At this time, he gives the new Earth End of Earth data. The whole process will last for about two years. Afterwards, he chooses more Kuiper belts to find her. " Zhou Liyong told journalists.

However, the "new vision" has only limited movements, and it carries a nuclear battery with a power of 245.7 watts and its output; Falling at 3.5 watts per year.

Zhou Liyong believes that the power of the "New Vision" will be; falling to the extent that its ability to send back to Earth, and eventually fly from the solar system and to a further afield.

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