It is the best career role for many years


The Slovak professional team is now without the best home bicycle.

BTC Ljubljana, the only Solo women's female team, will start the new season without one of the best solo units and nine after

Polone Batagelj.

The 29-year-old ended his career career, she will spend himself to new challenges, but she is always a rider and associated with this game.

"It was not an early decision, it was not very fast, but it was an important decision, I arrived what I wanted, I riding, what I can do it, and every athlete has to make that decision once, that's my time "

Batagiel said.

Primorka became a junior road runner. Previously, she was involved in athletics, sports climbing, cross-country skiing and mountain biking. She won the first chance among Russian riders in Italy, she also tried in Spain, and in 2012 she returned to Shanghai, then to the Poleta team then led

Gorazd Penko.

Since 2014 she has been a member of the Ljubljana City of BTC, and she is very proud of that.

"It's the biggest turning point. If I was part of this, it's a lot of me,"

she said.

She won many of the best results, and most of the Olympics focus at the London 2012 Games. The best result on the World Series races was reached last year by VN Plouy when i 10.

Now there are new challenges waiting for her, her & her; The first one is to complete a legal doctorate. Sokolovci and other cycling staff, who came to thank her today, have promised a long-term Full-time producer to continue with them; see each other.

"I would like to help the team if possible. I'm contesting cycling, not cycling."

City of Ljubljana Penko Sports Leader BTC built for the 2019. season. He held the Slovenke

Eugenio Bujak, Uršo Pintar, Urško Žigart


Urško Bravec

and the Netherlands

Maaike Boogaard,


Hanno Nilsson

and Rusinjo

Anastasia Jakovenko,

Now Chursina married. The Italians are currently there

Rossella Ratto,


Hayley Simmonds,


Monique van de Ree,


Maja Savić

and Slovenka

Anja Longyka.

"We lost Polona at the most difficult stages. I hope one of the girls will be able to replace it"

asks Penko, who looks after Van de Rey. It is considered that this has been a very good sprinter.

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