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Catholic bishops in British Columbia and Yukon have supported the use of medical marijuana, but they have been convicted of smoking recreational ideas as opposed to the teaching of the church.

In a letter posted online at the end of November, the bishops – six from B.C. and a man from Whitehorse – warning that "the truth is that activity is done legally because the government does not mean that it is morally appropriate". Legal cannabis was made legal in Canada on October 17, one of Justin Trudeau's governmental signatures.

But the letter from the six B.C. bishops and the only bishop Yukon make a difference between medicine practices, such as pain and nausea control, and fun for sport. In the old man, the letter says, it will be adversely affected as a positive but unnecessary consequence of drug use. "Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for almost two decades.

"When there is no medical need to use drugs and it is used only to cause negligence, it is the behavior of sinners," as bishops.

This is not the first time that Catholic leaders in Canada have convicted a conviction of cannabis. In June, when the Cannabis Act Bill C-45, passed in the Parliament, wrote the Catholic Bishops' Conference in Canada in a letter, agreed by the Chancellor of the Canadian Council of Imams that the "lamentable" law and that such people would have "bad effects."

The Catholic Church questionnaire, a collection of teaching, reviews the use of drugs except for "tightly tight causes," and says that drugs are " seriously harm people's health. "The bishops, in their statement, argue that Catholics" who should be involved in this behavior are going to be at # 39; This debate with a priest in Confession. "

In explaining the rationale, the letter states that people may be affected by a Choosing things that would not be unfortunately. He also argues that there is a health impact, and that some can be angry with cannabis. In addition, the bishops say that "marijuana" is voluntarily expressed … and this can be a way of avoiding future challenges in our lives. "

"This kind of psychological pain should be reduced by legitimate ways," they are coming to an end.

Pàd Francis, who won some of the joy in the liberal divisions for occasional commentary – was for reviewing the retreat of Catholics who once again received the Eucharist – in 2014, when they spoke to the directors of hard-fighting groups, however, limited, for recreational drugs & # 39; called, legally, not only are they very curious from a statutory perspective, but do not give up the necessary effects.

"Let me say in the most clear terms that may: The drug use problem is not compromised by drugs. Drugs exercises are evil, and badly unable to provide drugs. or arbitration, "he said.

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