"It just did not call me!" Currently, the current risk of telephoning is not out of the hands of teenagers – Criminal Justice – News


Within a few minutes, when the guards went to Lūņu Street, the situation changed several times and when the police arrived, the attack had already been on Old Riga stone.

It seems that the young man had detected the robbery and his wife. provide information to their police.

"It was just not to call me. My wife is bad, she works. She had to know privately," sheaves fell.

"Latvian, I did not understand the language of Latvian," said the person who was rightly held on phone for noble reasons and was "a language barrier ".

The reasonable suspicion of what the person's saying caused was because some of the banned materials were disturbing the guardian's perspective, his pocket pocket, and the statements said It's not a & # 39; first time with a pipe on the top.

The age of 15-year-olds said about the events that were quite different from the caretaker's say.

The young man found that there was a completely strange attack near the Galerija Centrs door on Teātra Street. The invasion was now dragging the phone out of the teenager's hands and threw himself away, but the attack was not removed and started off. Following the bad man, as a result he came quickly.

At a time when a crime knew that he did not come out, he started to threaten the teenager, but then two passengers informed what he was doing; happening. Find out what a & # 39; going on and what sluggish thing was, the two people put the case forward quickly and asked them to sit down on her; pavement and wait.

The bad plan was successfully banned and was prosecuted.

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