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As you go into the summer Believe that many people think of the season colorful and fun That comes with sunlight and hot air. What inspiration is the bag getting? Make sure it is for this reason Robinson's Department Store And Robinson Lifestyle Mall SoOrganize the "ROBINSON SUMMER FREE.VER 'campaign (Robinson Summer Free) for buyers to update and sell things that need to be in this summer! To be without him!

Erlinda Petpisit

New head of girl Erlinda Phetphisit, Vice President Higher Marketing Department Communications Department, Robinson Public Company Limited Tell the campaign " tRobinson wants to be a destination that responds to the life concerns of customers this year. By selecting good things I'll come with cheap rewards and prizes! In total over 9 million baht With a range of fun activities on offer in the center tand shopping centers tShow more shopping for customers t From March long to 2 June, 2019 Robinson believes the campaign helps make this summer an attractive, fun and inspiring ship.

There are also three famous celebrities at this event. Come in to look for the things that need to be built in their own right Who will give this idea to prepare this summer?

Nungngong-Kanoksarot Kittikachorn with pieces of fashion fashion

Start with some beautiful animals Nungngong-Kanoksarot Kittikachon "ForThere will be things that need to be in the summer season of Nung Ning Beauty things Whether it is skin care and dress As the summer skin is injured by special sunlight. In addition to that, acne problems are caused by tired skin and taste. So using your skin care and hidden makeup are rare, fit for weather and with a mix of sunshine t Another unimaginable thing is something. What summer should bright colored clothes such as kisses, orange, yellow, pink, or as a uniform, blow flowers? A t-shirt A short jumper is fine. And something else has to be there for the Nung Nung during the summer season the clothes clothes swim The selection of swimming baths Nueng Ning aims at slippery but chic design. Trust trusted answers

ML Rangsithan Panupan

The young people who are passionate about designing and decorating their homes ML Rangsithan Panupan Share your ideas for the summer in your own style. "The summer temperatures in Thailand are very hot. Conciliation and home decoration is another way of reducing the temperature. How to create air in the house So as to get more room in the house Also if there is a decorative household feature that is found in colors such as blue, green as seen by board tables, curtains, carpets or adding green spaces to the ornamental trees. They will be able to reduce the amount of heat produced in the house by working well"

Mind - Praew Priya Sai Na Ayutthaya

Closed by Celeb, the best mother Mind – Praew Priya Sai Na Ayutthaya With a poor young son, aged 6 and 3, he recalls the material to get a summer style mother. “Both sons are very hot. Think carefully about selecting children's clothes. By choosing soft, comfortable clothing that doesn't bite the skin and skinEvery year, children need to go on holiday in the sea So I need to prepare things for toys on the beach and rubber rings, which focus on quality and safety options and what is essential for our summer family. Fruit Menu has to be made wet at home They must have a member of the ice cream or a cold water container. To help him stop it And addition to your child And everyone in your family. "

Come and visit what this summer needs! Free! The ROBINSON SUMMER FREE.VER campaign takes place at Robinson Robinson's store today – 2 June 2019 and Robinson Lifestyle Mall from 14 March – 24 April 2019, all over Thailand.

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