It published its first cover on Fallout 76. It has 48 GB


Authors work on game arrangements.

No, no Map Unlock (Open) He did not work in a very technical situation, it may not be surprising, because Bethesda plays it more common. For example, consistent sufferings are suffering low frame, crash, whales, and even if you look to coordinate and release three nuclear warriors, the whole service collapsed. And the game is not, according to the first estimates, sold well.

But Bethesda is working on the past and the first update was released yesterday. Its main task is to repair broken questions and address problems of performance. The problem, however, is that this update will replace its location; game, so you need 48 GB consonants to download them. PC players can safely sleep, with 15 GB in total.

List of established items:

  • Sustainable performance and cracking issues. Stability was also improved
  • By creating graphic pesticides, especially with Ambiet Occlusion, they put on camera for furniture work and the repair of the magazine magazine Tesla Science
  • Establish an error when your enemies can continue a distance beyond the specified one. The Gouls and Scorched officers have nuclear codes
  • A photo-based case. Power Armor colors now look good and it should not be on the ruins after the repair
  • Bureau based on Tourism
  • An organized disability, which would cause lesser damage to a PvP. Reimbursement will be made after the new one has deleted the status in which you stayed in the fight. You will also learn the correct number of coverage you get after your next player is killed.
  • Establish several UI problems


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