It seems that this is why Yang Khac Linh is "very tired" Ngoc Duyen Sara like that


Featuring a beautiful face, a smooth white skin and attractive sexual attraction, unless Duong Khac Linh, Sara Luu Ngoc Duyen's beauty of other men.

Although it looks like some of MV's loved ones such as Me, Dream Only (Minh M4U), What I Do not Want (Phan Ngoc Luan The Voice) … but the name Sara Liu is famous for listeners. It was said to be "know-it-through" by Trinh Thang Binh, the "Double Tune", especially when the duet was Jaykii in the song "Do not Like Your Habits". The program also includes Duong Khac Linh as a judge. And if the musician is to be protected by & # 39; a couple who was "impeachment" by Trinh Binh Binh.

Recently, the listeners were very amazing when Sara Khai Linh publicly loved Sara Liu after more than a year of a French page left. The listeners thought that two people had a "good time" when they met at her; "Double Tune" program.

Luu Ngoc Duyen is the new girlfriend of the same name, born in 1993. Sara has been running a National Academy soundtrack. Music and she has been studying in Korea. She also won in Vietnam – Bonn Gottelent Korea 2017 in Seoul. She won many of the music awards but it seems that it's very easy to play in the showbiz. However, her beauty and style are not fair.

She has amazing, new, beautiful, energetic scenes, but she is very attentive, attractive, sensual and very tough. They prefer dressed clothing with simple lines cut out, not offensive to help them show beauty in terms of strength of their body but the white, white skin and around 1 momentum

As a result of his handsome eyes, bright and healthy face, Sara Liu looks very noticeable when he is in a position; Choose the tall red hair style, telling about sad hunting than m

The craptop is one of the best things for beautiful people to show the last slide.

His tired body makes the enemy a & # 39; These simple bikini models enjoy.

Sara Luu has also been greatly refurbished by different styles: when it's beautiful and ill when young people are living with this style of life.

She would be pregnant when the series of pictures of the second round was unusual.

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