It was a spring roll restaurant; in the Vietnam-American family


The Vietnamese-American family attacks Australia, and grow 800%, earn ten million dollars per annum - Picture 1.

With a special formula learned from mother and sister, Bao Hoang, a Vietnam psychologist, has been building a copying empire by million dollars in Australia. It is currently planning to expand this series of restaurants throughout the world

Bao Hoang and his friend Ray Esquieres and co-cousin Tin Ly have 180,000 AUD for the purchase of an Italian coffee shop in central Melbourne. Less than six months later (May 2012), they turned into a fast food restaurant called Rolld.

Remembering her & # 39; opened the first day, Bao Hoang said that a food hygiene certificate, shops up to 12:30 pm to open the door officially to welcome guests. However, there were about 30 people waiting in front of the shop and then they went to the shop. serving 150 people and at 1:30 p.m. the restaurant was completely out of food.

Over the past three years, Rolld has achieved over 800% of growth and is embracing a desire to work to other countries as well as Australia. "I would like to offer a place for sushi"Hoang Department.

Initially, the Rolld source on Goldsbough Road, Melbourne, is aimed at office-based professionals at large companies who want to have a healthy and fast food. One day, Rolld stores serving up to 1,000 users per day.

The Vietnamese-American family attacks Australia, and grow 800%, earn ten million dollars a year - Picture 2.

At the moment, Rolld has demanded as much as 67 Rolld's total sources in Victoria, Queenland, Western Australia and ACT with a full year of $ 40 million. Of those, the three founders had 70% of the stores and worked. The rest is a permissible source. The price for a new permit permit will be between $ 280,000 and $ 400,000 per size.

In the weekends, Rolld opened 14 new stores within 4 months and Bao Hoang said that this has put a lot of emphasis on his team. "We began to see dangers in operating management that seemed to surrender at a time, and that was very tough. I still grow to a new height."

When asked about future plans, Bao Hoang said: "As Rolld's company and brand is growing, we hope to attract more investors and even move to balance."

Every year, Rolld sells 5 – 6 million roles – 50% of the total change (Rolld also serves many other types such as vermicelli, nodles, bread …).

However, Hoang Hoang is still dissatisfied compared to the success of other food chains such as Schnitz, who was honored in his; The main BRW Fast 100 page in 2015 with a growth rate of 164%. more than 72 million AUD.

Fast food department "easy to eat"

Bao Hoang decided that it is not easy to create a fast food series or a successful campaign in Australia. "There must be enthusiasm and real motivation. Many fast food brands appear quickly and quickly.

It is also difficult to manage a start-up business with a small amount of capital. So you need to develop a brand that is strong enough to just lose 10% of your sales, so you're in a big trouble. "

From global crisis, tenancy restaurants have been starved in a shop. In 2016, data from the Australian Statistical Bureau showed that there was a 1 per cent increase in cafes, restaurants and gift shops in revenue to $ 3.4 billion in November.

Talk about future plans, Bao Hoang said Rolld reaches its goal of having 100 stores by the end of 2018.

In particular, Bao Hoang for Rolld is extended to foreign countries. "There are many opportunities to grow our business abroad, and we are now focusing on Philippine capital Manila and other Asian countries over the next three years.

"Tell someone that we are ready to reach the global market or not? My answer may not be but the opportunity is always there. Something will grow globally recognized campaign. "

In fact, we also want to attack UK and US markets. America is a big market already banned with burgers or chestnut chains. We give a more specific sail. "

Runnes to success

With a small number of 45 employees in the period 2012-2013, Rolld has more than 700 staff, Bao Hoang said the challenge was the biggest challenge for Rolld. Share to date a new feeling that the company's team level is keep pace with the pace of development.

He said that the Rolld formula for success: Focus on team development and corporate culture.

In addition, there is a special point to divide Hoang that Rolld is very similar to a family business.

While her sister was in charge of a license, her father was the management of delivery, his wife as a boss manager, his mother and mother-in-law were the ones who created the recipe for her dish.

The Vietnamese-American family, who has the nemesis, is attacking Australia, grow 800%, earn ten million dollars a year - Picture 3.

Rolld co-founders.

Despite the exchange of its & # 39; company, Bao Huang hopes they do not lose the relationship between family and company, and believe that this is part of Rolld's success.

"Although we had no experience in the food and drink sector at the beginning, we learned quickly in the first two months, and when we saw that The first shop was good, shops numbered 2 and 3. continued to create them to test the market in the fastest way ", Bao Hoang Department.

Although he is busy and often works up to 120 times a week, Bao Hoang still says: "People ask me, Bao Hoang, how do you work so hard?" Why not relax? For me, this is similar to a mind that is available. you relax ".

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