It was alleged that the train was made an accident that left four train cars off the tracks


Commodore boat started together at Nui Thanh station

The scene of the disaster.

On November 20, a police in the Nui Thanh district (Quang Nam) said that they opposed Duong Tran Chi Hieu, 31, of the Tuy Phuoc district, Binh Dinh area. Avoid rules on control of transport modes, in accordance with article 267 of the Criminal Code 2015.

Hieu was alleged that he was a pilot on the Ayr. 2469 to the station but he did not retain the rules of operating the ship, causing a very bad disaster.

Two locomotives will connect together after the crash. Picture: natural-h = "334" data-natural-width = "500" src = " -1528448932-5073-6369 -1748-1542678547.jpg

Two locomotives will connect together after the crash. Photograph: Mac Thuy.

Earlier, at 16h20 on 26/5, cargo ships with the ASY2 number are managed by Nguyen Dinh Sang who runs to the Nui Thanh station in the southern south. At the same time, Hieu brought the train to 2469 to run the other. Two train crashes came.

The four vehicles were removed from the railings, two locomotives with many pollution. After more than 24 hours of paralysis, the south-south side of the Quang Nam province has been working again.

The cause of the accident was resolved without continuously following the operating methods until the device was installed; running over the forehead, a & # 39; affecting road accidents No. 3. In September, the Nui Thanh district police prosecute criminal cases.

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