It was imperative that the online tycoon had been damaged by nearly 3 quintals of drugs


It was imperative that the line tycoon was carried out to destroy nearly 3 quintals of drugs - 1

In particular concerns, who is the chief leader of their drug cartoons and who are the heroes captured by Vietnamese military forces?

Initially, the force involved in the investigation said that this dramatic, overseas national drug line has now been completed for almost 3 months. When the mature time, the network committee decided to be introduced until the end of February 17.

So, after giving secret information that the subjects of many drugs over the border, the revival forces have been retired from midnight and arrested successful.

Amazingly, the fact was that these big drugs were bought by brushes in Vietnam from a drug trafficker in Laos.

After identifying a line tycoon building near three quintals of destroyed drugs - 2

It is believed that these drugs are hens from a drug trafficker in Laos.

In order to ensure that the demise is during their judging process, the identity of this room has not been made public.

Also, according to the proven force, the identity of some things that carry out to the night to escape to the wood is also determined. These are those that are hired for transport and the content. When he saw the move, he went into the woods, fled to the other side of the border.

It was imperative that the online tycoon was carried out to destroy nearly 3 quintals of drugs - 3

According to the active force, as well as the Vangchueyang Briachear object to be caught in the area, the identity of some things that carry the message dark night into the forest is also determined.

The authenticity confirmed that all of these drugs would have gone inside to Vietnam, and were not transported to the third country to spend it, unless it was discovered and destroyed in time.

After identifying a line tycoon near three quintals of destroyed drugs - 4

The active hard work will investigate the total number of drugs in yellow plastic bags.

Previously, at 1h on February 17, 2019, at the Cau Tau 2 area, km 79, the national 8A national route, in the area of ​​Kim Kim's comune, Huong Son (Ha Tinh) area, Police Division Inspection Criminal crime, Ministry of Public Security (C04), Police Crime Inspection Division, Ha Tinh Police co-operated with Ha Tinh Guards Vangchueyang Briachear (SN 1994, residing in the village of Vang Ban, district Working with Fon, Bolykhayxay, Laos) on a 9-seater car and sea carriage to control Laos UN – 2645, the Hyundai crest is a " behavior of many drugs.

Looking at & # 39; wall, the force took action of 12 sacks of blue, inside there there were 278 plastic bags, with 294 kilograms of laid stone form.

At the inspection group, the Vangchueyang Briachear removed his & her; subject on March 16, 2019, received and received; These drug trafficking guidance from the Lao nationalist man in the Cam Cuu district, the Blykhhamxay district (Laos).

Vangchueyang Briachear was with a man with a 9-seater ship carrying the sea to control Laos UN – 2645 a & # 39; come into Vietnam, and then leave a holiday home in the town of Tay Son, the Huong Son area (Ha Tinh).

At 1:00 p.m. on 17 February, the drugs were taken to Vietnam and went by the 8A road, in the Ha Trai town, Son Kim 1, the Huong Son area.

After that, he came to the construction of the goods and the transport process was arrested with strength. As a result of the night night, a rough mountain dune, a thick pond, a male illness with the object of Vangchueyang Briachear to escape to the forest to escape.

The case still has a & # 39; Case study by & # 39; specialist committee.

Van Dung

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