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MeIn 2010, he published Jiankui, a graduate student at Rice University, a paper describing the nitty details of a bacterial defensive system called CRISPR. It was good before scientists opened the knowledge that CRISPR could be used to handle DNA with clarity and easily without other genome editors.

Now, just eight years later, and after returning to his native China, he has progressed to the world in the most spectacular way – an induction route that appears to be Someone has been broadcast although he did not ignore the rules set up by global scientific panels. Using YouTube instead of a scholarly magazine, he said, with the help of CRISPR, that he helped to do so; Creating her first children in the world – couple girls born a couple of weeks ago – what generations have been prepared for reasons. Let the story like the amazing Beyonce album.

The petition, which was not proven by external researchers, was said to be a bit as a scientific milestone, an unprecedented step to prevent all types of diseases. But others saw it as anything else: to break a scientific taboo for personal benefit. After all, many researchers had a technical knowledge with more knowledge and respect to try out what he did, but respected the moral obstacles that had been accepted. This research is also illegal in the United States.


He was on Jiankui (said to HEH JEE & Q; -an-qway), who did not know many of the Western CRISPR experts, who came out straight at the heart of a tendency in terms of lack of prominence in his research, the choice of gene genealogy, and searching for this research.

"I'm trying to find out what's going on to stimulate what he is saying," said a scientist who helped to & # 39; Hong Kong's top roof has a human ginoma organization that starts on Tuesday and has been launched; ask him to be named. "As far as I can tell, it's a mixture of great, beautiful ideas, and perhaps a desire to help people with it. It does not seem to be he did not expect the public challenge to face his work and how it was done and published. "

He was clearly aware of the fact that his story would receive. He worked with an American public relations expert; He interviewed the Associated Press, who has universal access; then the big show to the beginning of its top; and set a series of YouTube videos in English to celebrate achievement.

But he also accepted the world where protection was, and kept his hidden functions from the wider scientific community. Information about a clinical test, for example, was posted on a Chinese online registry only this month. Experts looked at her & her; The first child prepared was to be born after detailed debates about rules and habits and strict customs of the place – all made in a way that would not disturb his / her; the public.

Even his own university, from which he has been leaving February, is away from the study, saying he did not know what he was doing and that he was " out of the area "and" severely break out many of them and codes of conduct. "

In addition to the conviction, the guidance of genome editorial experts just left with the researcher behind the information. Instant CRISPR, Feng Zhang, from the Broad Institute for STAT said he has never met him, as long as he can remember. It has no history of publishing papers about causing ginoma or biology or germination in the mind, CCR5, to try to stop HIV infection. Many of the social media came back to this question: What was it? this man to prepare embryos?

Perhaps he should be more familiar. In a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory last year, he discussed the preparation of mouse genomes, monkeys, and human embryos (preparing human invitations in the talk, that is – not to move in for vans and the start of fertility). Zhang said he split this speech.

But he won a talk place at the top of this week in Hong Kong; the panel is scheduled for Hong Kong's Wednesday morning. In an indication of how big a CRISPR mental project he had, he accepted the global scientific community with astonishment, however, not a full session; in his speaker, usually held for top news makers.

Just three days ago, he edited a paper that was published in the CRISPR Magazine which proposes five "ethical principles" to guide the use of geneticism in the " clinic. Second author of his paper: Ryan Ferrell, an American public relations professional who worked with him on a developing a CRISPR mental project

Elements include: open conversation.

From China to U.S. and behind

His vocational role focuses on a little bit of truth; appears: Its scientific geography is broad, but is needed in deep knowledge in CRISPR and geography. Public records show that it is only 34 years old, age when many researchers have a & # 39; opening their first work.

He, who appears to have been born and raised in China, graduated his degree in a physics degree from the University of China's Science and Technology in 2006. He moved to Texas to his Ph.D. in biology , at Rice University in Houston; his councilor there, the pro-photocopy, Michael Deem, co-operated with the CRISPR mental project.

After graduating in 2010, he spent around a year doing postdoc in the work of Stanquen's Stephen Quake Benz. He was there that he learned about a single-unit system – then he was able to follow single DNA molecules without being able to; Copying them again using polymerase chain migration, according to the 2015 story in the publication of Bio-IT World.

He moved back to China around 2012. It is unclear why he decided to return home, but there may have been several things to play. He wanted to remove companies from his academic research back in China, according to World Bio-IT. And financial incentives may bring to the & # 39; his decision: he moved back to China as part of the thousands of talents program, a campaign in which the Chinese government promoted incentives to try the best and most affluent scientists and entrepreneurs who delivered the US training

He opened a lantern at the Southern Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen. (He has his leave from that post to 2021.). It also started on a number of companies, including a DNA ordering company called Direct Genomics.

It seems that he has some of the relationships that he moved as long as he was in. training in the US – Especially by Deem, a Rice adviser.

We said that the research was responding to their work on vaccines during the time of He in Houston. In addition to the 2010 CRISPR survey, We decided and worked on surveys of the rapid growth of gene genes and ways of detecting dangerous species of flu.

Both were listed as authors on a last year's survey that was describing the fact that, Use a single-thumb order to remove the virus genome. Other authors on the 2017 paper were working at Direct Genomics.

On Monday, Rice said that he opened a job investigation. Let's go in and # 39; CRISPR mental project, stating that the research "breaks scientific behavior guides and is not consistent with the ethical customs of the scientific community and Rice University." Cha b & # 39; we can verify a statement.

Moving quickly and & # 39; preach carefully

In the YouTube videos that he used to bring out the incredible arguments of the world, he sits in an independent work with instruments in the background; He will make a blank buttons, without any attachment or anything. Speaking slowly and in English, he hit an interesting talk.

He described his position as light years away from creating "portrait children," to convince him. He also wanted his audience to look longer than criticizing his / her work; Looking forward, encouraging the project to look favorably with history.

"Remember, although there may be vocalists, there are many silent families who have seen a child suffering from genetic disease and that they should not suffer a & # 39; pain again, "he said to her; camera in one of the videos. "They may not be the leader of a reflection center named by the New York Times, but not just the authorities on what's right and wrong – because life is on the line . "

Essentially, however, he does not say he has faced genetic disease with his CRISPR mental project. Instead, he says they have taken HIV, a disease that already has comparable simple ways to keep HIV parents who have an impact on their children.

And there are still big questions about whether the project can help the family. Despite the generations that have been prepared. Independent scientists who investigated some of the documents said that there is still insufficient evidence to tell whether the preparation was working as expected or safe. They have also raised concerns about the effects it has included that one of the generated pairs has changed and copies of CCR5 have been modified, and only one other copy has changed.

At the end of another YouTube video, he sends an email address for his work – and another ([email protected]) for observers wishing to write to the two new generations edited, which he says is named Lulu and Nana.

While he was abolished for a & # 39; Too much too fast, it has put pressure on patience to move slowly and at a time when it's going to be done; Discuss customized recreation.

In his blog in 2017, he died Jesse Gelsinger in 1999 in an early generation test, which has returned this area for more than a decade ago.

Researchers should be able to be used to recall CRISPR's mind to commence initiation of that case, he praised.

"I want everyone to remember that we should do this sort slowly and with a little attention," he said, "because there could be one vacant case in the entire area."

Sharon Begley gave a statement from Hong Kong.

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