It was sentenced to more than 7 years imprisonment to Mr Phan Van Vinh


(Justice) – On the morning (21st November), after the end of the & # 39; quiz, representatives from the Phu Tho People Program made the rape taxes and praised the sentence of 92 defenders in the trillion complaints. in the Phu Tho section.

At 9:45 a.m., the President of the case, Judge Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong declared the end of his quiz, Procurement (VKS) Offend the guilty and propose a sentence to the defenders.

According to the project representative, the effects of society in the & # 39; This case is "particularly heavy". The participants organized a gambling throughout the period from 2012 to 2017, which attracted ten thousands of participants across the country.

The procurate is advising people if play online games Check the Information and Communications Ministry of Information Notification or the Information and Communications Department's Information Bulletin can be circulated on the list of electronic games.

It was sentenced to more than 7 years imprisonment to Mr Phan Van Vinh

Producer of the Crime Section Program with the Defendants

In addition, the prodigal also suggested that the panel, with the volunteers to voluntarily recover the 50% impact of the amount received, express cute situations. Therefore, there will be a separation between the defenders, the faithful to those who, in fact, recognize; Providing voluntary compensation, in accordance with the Policy of the Party and the State to find the finances tremendously The crime was committed.

The procuratorate also recommended reducing the penalty for its cash cleansing body, Despite the long-term waste law, many people have not been able to get money, Ltd..

During a lawsuit, defenders paid 89/92 guilty. The remaining three defenders: With Thi Lan Thanh (Director of GTS) just out crime in buying and selling exhibitions, not to do so; accepting the crime of sending complaints; Phan Van Vinh denied indirectly and was prosecuted Nguyen Thanh Hoa Coyle does not accept his crime.

For the accused Nguyen Van Duong, formerly chairman of CNC Company, the defendant brought two offenses into a Gaming Group and a cash glacier. The procuratorate's representative said that Duong was the leader of the gambling group, seriously affect social order.
Duong herself received an unreasonable income of 1.655 trillion, and then sent a bank for the 329 billion. Duong does not voluntarily receive the effects of 245 billion.

The process asked for a situation that was expressed for Duong when the secretly checked process was in place; express his behavior and his partner should be in a position that was aging for the two offenses.

It was sentenced to more than 7 years imprisonment to Mr Phan Van Vinh

Listen to the people who attack the prosecutors to go to; make the procurator's impeachment

The procuratorate praised the panel to punish the defendant Nguyen Van Duong for a sentence of 8-9 years in prison for organized grievance, 3-4 years imprisonment for cash elapsation. 11-13 year old penalty. It is recommended that the total amount of 1,655 billion non-tested VND Nguyen Van Duong income be taken.

For the accused Phan Sao Nam, formerly chairman and Chief Executive of VTC Online, the investigation process has taken full part of his conduct as opposed to a complaint.

Provost representatives said the defendant of Phan Sao Nam was illegally earning VND1,475 billion, then he transferred the money through a number of intermediaries to invest in projects, a & # 39; buy an estate. The total amount launched exceeds 300,000 billion. For the $ 3.5 million that was invested in Singapore, it was subsequently dismissed a protest, Counting the money set on the right.

So far, Sao Nam Phan has exceeded the total amount of 1,335 billion, which equates to 90.7% of illegally. Phan Sao Nam is desirable to be self-identifying movements, which actively affects the effects, correct proof, …

Thereafter, proxy representatives praised the panel to punish Phan Sao Nam, the defendant for 3 to 4 years imprisonment for a gambling and 3 year garage organization. Including the complete penalty for both offenses, defended the proposed sentence for Phan Sao Nam from 6-7 years imprisonment.

For the accused Phan Van Vinh, who was the Chief Executive of the General Department of Police, at the defendant's hearing, committed himself to the Discrimination crime of the situation and the authority as long as as he was convicted of conviction, but only unreasonable in the civil service case.

It was sentenced to more than 7 years imprisonment to Mr Phan Van Vinh

The defenders were brought to court in a test today

So, the procuratorate said that his / her case was going unanimously, against official duties, did not take action. CNC companies have the idea of ​​breaking the law, but Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa do not have to do it; educated are blocked.

In addition, the convener stated that the accused two Vinh and Hoa had received many reports sent to their top-level leadership permit for CNC as their headquarters; company, construction and & # 39; organize their webcam on the internet.

However, Phan Van Vinh still allowed the pilot work, and sent the document to the Ministry of Public Security before requesting the Ministry of Information and Communications (subsequently rejected by the Information and Communications Ministry), the VKS This is the behavior of "examining".

The procuratorate said the General Department of Police has created a strong base for CNC and VTC Online to run illegal games.

In addition, during the trial process, the two defenders Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa agree to allow the pilot to pilot a gaming activity, which is against the law . South Westerly

Although CNC is fully understood as it is; They work for the pay gate game, Phan Van Vinh does not report to the Ministry of Public Security, or through prevention measures.

Confirmant Phan Van Vinh agreed to sign the document number (agreed by Nguyen Thanh Hoa into a document dated 12 October 2011), this is the document that defines 20% capital contribution of the C50 to the public. CNC Company, the convener sent a petition to the scrutiny body to clarify the superior at least whether the behavior was to be carried out; share Phan Van Vinh or not?

It was sentenced to more than 7 years imprisonment to Mr Phan Van Vinh

General court court view

The defendant Phan Van Vinh, Nguyen Thanh Hoa has been helping, & # 39; Nguyen Van Duong's grouping support and gambling cover, which is a single thing to do; surrender superior orders, and create problems for illegal gaming activities.

In addition, VKS representatives said there is enough evidence to prove that Phan Van Vinh has helped Nguyen Van Duong to make games. Vinh and Hoa have signs of protection, and accept bubbles.

There is insufficient evidence in the investigation process to confirm the two personal advantages that are protected, so step 1 of the case was not only pushed Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa Crime Abuse title and authority long & as they were to perform the post-

According to the evidence gathered together with the evidence before the court, the convener proposed the Panel to punish the defendant Phan Van Vinh from 7 years to 7 years 6 months imprisonment for abuse of title and authority as long as he was on duty.

After the end of the project for Phan Van Vinh, the Panel says that dinner will come back.

At 14 o'clock in the evening, the test will continue to take a & # 39; defeat the survivors left in the case.

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