"It went through easy times"


A actress Carolina Arregui One of the guests who visited the program "Do not blame at night"TVN, where he put into a sick ground during conversation: the situation of his daughter Mayte Rodríguez.

Remember that a few months ago the player is back Alexis Sánchez he was tied in a relationship with a girl and actress, but the relationship did not have a good walk.

"La Mayte has not gone through very easy timesIt has been a complicated year and has grown considerably, "said Mayte's mother, Carolina Arregui, describing her daughter's divorce with her; national playgroup.

Driver Ignacio Guitierrez asked him to see it so movable, what he was doing at a time when his daughter was pregnant. look so open, replied Arregui "Enter it, accept it, support it. She does not need advice, her emotional information and clarity are so big"He was sure.

Mayte's sister, Maria Jesus Sothers, who was also one of the guests invited to the program, described their relationship "Both people are very good and all this has helped them to achieve different things, "he decided.

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