It will be a shaped floral rug in the Sé Sé church for D. Nuno


He is currently to finish the flower platform where D. Nuno Brás is a. passing, before going to Funchal Cathedral.

Despite the small water that is being used, Feelings, the job is going on fast so that everything is ready before 16h.

In the Seed cemetery, the Nuno branch, which reaches the place at 4:00 p, for the sailed passage in the church, will be a flower-colored barrel.

Here is the program developed by the Diocese:

15h15 – The arrival of D. Nuno Bás to Funchal Cathedral (The Deão do Cabido and the Canons will receive the New Bishop). Dean Dean Vítor Gomes (president Cabido da Sé) is a taking a cross, and then to & # 39; shaken by holy water. A New Bishop goes to the Blessed Virgin Sacrama chapel).

3:15 f – Return of the priests to parasite in Charmo church. The priests will attend the church and then go to the church; Waiting in their interior when the Bishop comes. The priests wear white and white white.

3:30 pm – Return D. Nuno, Charmo church.

3:45 pm – Go to a & # 39; liturgical march to the Cathedral.

16h – Return to Cathedral & inland entrance.

A processional cross will be offered by D. Manuel I to Six on the altar during the Eucharist.

António Carrilho, An Administrator, is the first to comment. Then he followed the preliminary statement, reading the Dark Mail with the Apostolic Nuncio and sending his staff from the hands of D. Antonio into the hands of D. Nuno Bras, as the New Bishop of Funchal. Then Mr Nuno Bras will take place at his headquarters.

At the end of the Bishop, the bishops and priests make their abyss in sacristy the Cathedral.

At the end of the day, a wild dinner will be held at Colégio de Santa Teresinha.

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