It will not be possible – Herrera worried about Rashford


Round runner-up capabilities, Marcus Rashford have said to become a "inconvenient", according to Manchester United teamman, Ander Herrera.

England's international Rashford has succeeded under the stewardship of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who pursues six goals in his 10 appearances in each competition.

The 21st birthday won the Premier League Player of the Month Award for January and has a talk on long-term contract speeches.

Herrera, who is a regular beginner since the appointment of Solskjaer as interim manager, has a close vision of Rashford's development in the recent seasons and believes that the progress has been made for a great deal -theid.

"It's different," Herrera told ESPN. "We know at that time that there are some great wings in today's football: [Ousmane] Dembele, we are also [Raheem] Sterling, a wonderful player, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard … but I think Marcus is different.

"Marcus can be killed, Marcus can face one face but he also has to be together to lose the ball for the team.

"I can not remember one player Marcus Rashford … I think he's already a tall player, high, tall, but I think that it will grow better over time [his] make decisions and not be able. "

Like Rashford, Paul Pogba seems to have released a player leaving Jose Mourinho, the French star will look at the tourism scene that was brought back to Old Trafford.

Herrera's midfielder challenged himself and the defensive Nemanja Matic to keep her at home; gives the Pogba platform to express its full range of skills.

"I think it's special and we need to do it carefully," said the Spaniard.

"When it's free, he looks at his best. I always tell him if he plays simple in our half, even in middle range, after [that] He gets his magic and he can win games for us.

"That's why he's playing at the best at this time. I think we need to be free of charge by protecting sometimes I do not know it, and as soon as we get the ball as soon as we get the ball back, we can to play it. "

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