It would be true to believe; help with deep sleep and confirmation


We already knew the connection between rooting and sleeping, especially those from infants. But these resources are not so profitable.

Two of the Swiss surveys now show that a soft move is & # 39; corresponding to the brain waves, which improve their quality; sleep.

This discovery would improve remedies against bad types of sleep, such as insomnia.

Back slide and brain

The first survey showed its & # 39; The effects of the cradle are in memory, sleep and associated lesions.

Regarding the general nature, the frequency of the waves that sleep down less than those that fall down; going together with the times ready.

Did you know?

Dreams usually tend to be realized when the frequency of brain waves is between 3 and 8 hertz.

Scientists were looking for 18 volunteers for two nights. Combat them to sleep with them and not to crack. They found that rocky effects are associated with brain wave synchronization.

they are [les participants] there were longer periods of deep sleep and less of mini band, one of the things that were often associated with sleepy sleep.

Laurence Bayer, researcher at the University of Geneva

But ravaging also has an affirmation of memory, as the study showed.

Each partner had to learn a few words before they fell asleep and not repeat the next morning. The results were "much better after a night was moved," said the author's author, Aurore Perrault.

Rocky mice

The second study was then using mice, rather than humans.

The essential work of small organes, the vestibular system, is taken to light. Organic is divided by most mammals. Set in the inner ear, it will be a & # 39; manage the balance and help to & # 39; feeling the movements.

Sway encourages this orgain. At the same time, the vestibular system causes synchronization of brain waves.

According to Konstantinos Compotis, the first author of this study, this is a # 39; shows that "promotional" of the vestibular system is working on the elevations that have "special sleep" waves. So he would be one of the top actors in the truth.

The next step is for researchers to "explain the structures" that connect the vestibular system into sleeping patterns.

Their study is published (New window) in the magazine Current biology (New window).

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